School-Safe Puzzle Games

Spot Difference Games

The classic Spot the Difference puzzle has made its way into a cool online game format!

These neat games feature beautifully illustrated pictures, presented in a story format. Many of the games feature several difficulty levels, as well as timer, and hint button if you get stuck trying to figure the puzzles out. You'll notice several of these puzzle games also feature a a catchy soundtrack to go along with the theme of the story.

Most of these Spot the Difference games are easy, fun, and for the most part relaxing. They represent a great way to train your brain to hone in on details, and build your powers of observation. If you get tired of this genre, you may want to check out Smart-Kit's free online daily jigsaw puzzles. Or, our very large collection of physics puzzle games.

While Spot the Difference puzzles are easy on the mind, you'll also find Smart-Kit has much more challenging online puzzles. Either way, teachers and students of all ages will find many types of great  games to provide countless hours of brain challenging fun!