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Rebus Puzzles

Rebus Puzzles: Online Word Picture Puzzles That Are Fun, Free, and Printable

For decades, parents and teachers have been designing these word picture puzzles for their kids and students. Rebus puzzles are a great way to get children (and adults!) to exercise and train their brain to improve intelligence and thinking ability. Smart-Kit's online rebus puzzles range from easy to hard, and many are colorfully illustrated. Since they're printable, they can easily be used in classrooms to jumpstart students' brains before the day or regular lesson begins.

Here at Smart-Kit, you'll be glad to know many of our rebus puzzles are funny and appeal to kids. For example, check out On a Sandy Beach, and this Rock Star Rebus.

And if you have a mind to switch things up, we've got plenty of fun, free jigsaw puzzles to play wtih. For those looking for a variety of harder brain teasers and riddles, check out our huge collection of puzzles online. Or, if you're looking to play some fun brain and puzzle games, check our our big archive of cool smart games.