School-Safe Puzzle Games

Hidden Object Puzzles

How good are you at finding cleverly hidden objects in expertly illustrated pictures? Put your skills to the test with Our Free Online Hidden Object Puzzles.

The precursor to today's Hidden Object games is the old-fashioned hidden object puzzle card. Smart-Kit has a large collection of these, from many different publishers. The pictures are usually expertly illustrated, and most have one hidden object to find. Some are easy, while others are more challenging. All however are fun to try!

If you enjoy these types of online puzzles, has a growing collection of spot the difference games you'll want to try. We also have a large collection of cool and very fun puzzle games that'll stimulate thinking, logic, and problem solving. These challenges include riddle games, time management games, logic games, sudoku, word games, word searches, cryptograms, physics games, as well as unique games that require quick thinking and brain processing.

Smart-Kit games are safe for kids. Parents and teachers love visiting and recommending our site because everything you'll find here is kid-friendly. In addition to Smart Games, we also have an extensive library of puzzles online that range from easy to very hard.

In addition to being able to play some of most exciting Smart Games around, did you know Smart-Kit also posts daily online jigsaw puzzles that are educational and always free?