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The Puzzle Wall

Four musicians build their houses around a pond as shown below.

Afterward, four evil record label executives come and build houses around the musicians, as shown below.

The executives, however, want to have all the water to themselves- so they build a wall shuting the poor musicians off from the pond. How did they do it?


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11 Comments to “The Puzzle Wall”

  1. Gray-T | Profile

    Did somebody ever see the movie “Eat the Rich” ?
    Just kiding…
    Why not build a wall around the pond, and let everybody, rich and poor, pay a toll , let´s say a couple of bucks each time one of them needs water.
    In the first year the income off this toll will be needed to build the wall, some bank will give credit I guess, second year every penny will be spent on keeping the water clear of contaminants, building purification plants, third year: More musicians will be financed throughout the tolls, executives will pick what they think is usefull, sounds like Hollywood…

    Or: quick and dirty: poor musicans come together, make a plan, burning down houses of the rich: no walls, all the water…
    (doesn´t work, as history tells us…;)

    Or: Poor musicans connect to the internet, get slaved by myspace or what ever. Executives say: “Gimme some water for free, maybe we will pick you”…

    A lawyer would say: “Hey, what the hack, the exicutives know the business damn-well, have prodtected all their rights by patents and other lawyers, so what?”

    But first comes first…

    Maybe Moses should come back again, dividing all the water by eight, and everybody should be happy…

    Some other suggestion: Build a wall containing all of them, and enable all of them to talk together, about Jesus, the Water, Record deals, profits, etc.

    yeah! and some flowers, too!

    Some of you know the answer quity well, I guess…

  2. xpress84 | Profile

    * Build a wall around each of the musicians’ houses.

    * Build a 8 – shaped wall around each pair of musicians’ houses.

  3. jason | Profile

    mine looks like the outline of a mailbox with four flags up (if that makes sense to anyone!!)

  4. jason | Profile

    or to keep with the theme of the puzzle, four musical notes!!

  5. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    jaja this was fun:
    Make an irregular line were the all the executives are inside that line and the musicians are outside the line, so the musicians are out.
    jajajajajajajajaja the funny thing about that is this:
    The water must be really expensive because the executives gets all trapped to have that water i wonder if they will have to break that wall in order to get some food, or to at least be conected to reality.
    Maybe they want to live like “cast away” or “waterworld” jjajaja

  6. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I think that if its a wall, it has to had only one starting and ending point, but maybe I am just to strict

  7. Gray-T | Profile

    @ Ari & mroth01:

    Do you figure out what your solutions look like?
    Where you going to put the camps for all that “bad musicians”, that want/need water?

  8. Ari | Profile

    All your pond are belong to us.

  9. Codename | Profile

    build walls around the houses

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