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Arrange the letters below correctly, and the name of a tropical island tale will appear:



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12 Comments to “Castaway”

  1. jason | Profile

    robinson crusoe

  2. sven254 | Profile

    Robinson Crusoe

  3. sarag | Profile

    Robinson Crusoe. The picture made it too easy.

  4. carlhazlewood | Profile

    Robinson Crusoe

  5. White Rabbit | Profile

    since when is Robinson Crusoe well known to children, maybe children of the 18th century lol

  6. John Lewis Highsmith | Profile

    Robinson Crusoe The picture was a dead giveaway.

  7. ItachiXAnko | Profile

    The answer is “Robinson Crusoe”.

  8. Gray-T | Profile

    robinson crusoe.

  9. vikram.mankal | Profile

    Robinson Crusoe

  10. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    robinson crusoe

  11. lookingforchallenge | Profile


  12. RK | Profile

    Robinson Crusoe is correct.

    thanks White Rabbit, I modified it a bit

    In the movie ‘The Water Horse’, (really great film for the kids, highly recommend it) the boy names his pet creature ‘Crusoe’ after stumbling across this novel in a dust workroom.

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