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Water Under the Bridge

What’s wrong with this picture?

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34 Comments to “Water Under the Bridge”

  1. daintreedan | Profile

    The keystone in the arch is upsidedown.

  2. Luijo | Profile

    I’m guessing it has something to do with the fifth (middle) brick on the lower support for the bridge.. Would it not cause some problems (falling off?) due to pressure?

    Although that seems too obvious, nothing else pops out for me..

  3. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I think one error in the image is that the river or lake does not continued on the other side of the bridge, the only thing that you see is ground on the other side, so whats the point of having the bridge? jaja cool

  4. mad_pear | Profile

    The keystone is upside down of course.

  5. John Lewis Highsmith | Profile

    The keystone in the bridge is upside down.

  6. levi | Profile

    Ahh loved this one – very good puzzle. It’s that the keystone (centre stone of the bridge’s arc) is incorrect. Like that it would fall out and the bridge would collapse and instead it has to be wider at the top than the bottom.

  7. Lath | Profile

    It is difficult to see where the water could continue on the far side of the bridge, but since it does obscure the land, it is possible that the river is there and not perceptible from this perspective (or possibly goes underground).

    The uppermost stone in the arch is cut in such a way that would make it much more difficult to support the arch. I should expect the capstone to be wider at the top and narrower below, instead of the other way.

    The shadow and reflection in the water seems inconsistent. One can view the curve of shadow from the bridge, but then see another cloud reflected to the left.

  8. | Profile

    This is not sunset or sunrise time, so why do we see orange horizon just above the mountains to the right of the picture? May be that’s wrong with the picture.

  9. White Rabbit | Profile

    The keystone in the bridge is upside down. The light reflection under the bridge shouldn’t be there (should be dark) and if the light is coming from the right then there shouldn’t be a shadow. You should also be able to see the river continue either under the bridge or on the other side, both of which you don’t. The sky could also be seen as being upside down.

  10. katiem | Profile

    What happened to the river? It doesn’t come from anywhere that I can see on the far side of the bridge.
    Happy New Year to you.

  11. rosey | Profile

    The keystone on the bridge arch is upside-down.

  12. Gray-T | Profile

    The arc of the bridge is build wrong, I think.
    If the stone on the top of the arc could easily fall out, and the bridge would collide.
    First I thought, the Gentleman is missing his wife, but she maybe was smart enough to foresee this danger. :-)

  13. sven254 | Profile

    The keystone in the bridge is upside down.

  14. stephan | Profile

    Keystone is upside down

  15. jason | Profile

    i want to say that the shadows dont match up…..

  16. Ari | Profile

    With that keystone, the bridge should be at the bottom of the river.

  17. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    The proportion of the man is wrong.

    Given his height, the man would have to be kneeling on the bridge for this picture to work.

  18. beefyjoe | Profile

    That keystone is upside down. The bridge would collapse.

  19. infidel | Profile

    “Keystone” is upside down. London Bridge is it?

  20. RK | Profile

    “The keystone is the most important stone in an arch bridge, without this stone the arch would collapse. The keystone holds the arch together.”

  21. RK | Profile

    “The keystone is the most important stone in an arch bridge, without this stone the arch would collapse. The keystone holds the arch together.”

    [sorry, the link didn’t show in the comment above]

  22. RK | Profile

    We’re still working on the comment system, so some comments are showing 2 or 3x, when they’re not supposed to. sorry about that

  23. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    cool answer, the keystone, but i still have a question, whats the point of building a bridge next to the place where the river ends? goes under the ground? if you could just walk passing by the left side of the picture, it just does not make much sense to me, but the keystone answer was a much complcated one, because implies a basic ground on bridges so bravo!!

  24. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    ok maybe the perspective hide the river going to the horizon, i will give you that, another weird thing with the picture is the rigth most branch of the tree on the left where doest it come from?, jajajaj a tree from the sky

  25. RK | Profile

    Agreed, Suineg- not sure where that branch is coming from!

  26. itsgoo | Profile

    The sky and the clouds are reversed.

  27. godslilangel1187 | Profile

    The clouds are wrong, the sky is up where the clouds should be

  28. giftorater | Profile

    keystone is upside down

  29. money226156 | Profile

    the rive doesn’t continue!!!! but i don’t know for sure… i could be wrong because it could be between a hill or somethin!

  30. cobres zeragian | Profile

    I think the man is too short. just look at the land after him. his feet is just covered with the bridge. I think…. (maybe his kneeling? )

  31. cobres zeragian | Profile

    but i also agrees with the arch upsidedown

  32. neutrondisciple | Profile

    the left side part of the land has no running water at all.

  33. t8rtot | Profile

    the grass, the bottom of the bridge and the clouds all have reflections in the water, but the bridge itself and the man do not.

  34. ZV | Profile

    The river seems to end at the bridge.

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