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Spot the Differences: Long Hall

There are 9 differences in the photo puzzle below; Can you spot them all?

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We’re updating the comment system, so those entered for this puzzle (as well as the prior 2) probably won’t show for several days.

3 Comments to “Spot the Differences: Long Hall”

  1. Lath | Profile

    1. The length of the light on the floor coming through the door
    2. The color of the guy’s clothing
    3. The presence of a dark rectangle (intercom?) in the doorway on the right
    4. The orientation (left vs. right) of what can be seen through the door at the end of the hall
    5. The position of the guy’s head – how much of the hall is obscured by it
    6. The presence / absence of a bump at waist level on a pillar on the left side
    7. The rotation of the nearest manhole cover
    8. The number of arched lines on the ceiling
    9. The amount of space between the window over the door, and the two curved windows above it.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. vikram.mankal | Profile

    9 differences –

    Orientation of manhole cover (look at the ‘K’;)
    Shirt colour of boy
    Length of light entering through the door
    Picture on the right side wall
    Scenery outside the door (one is the mirror image of the other)
    Extra wooden arch on ceiling
    Position of boy’s face (one is more in the picture)
    Wooden column on the left wall (has an extra ridge)
    Height of the front door arch

  3. RK | Profile

    very good Vikram & Lath- here’s an upload of the differences circled

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