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Perceptual Puzzle, Star Layout

Can you find 1 place where Pattern ‘A’ is hidden in the layout below? What about Pattern ‘B’- can you find 2 places where it is hidden?

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  1. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    the pattern B is in teh right upper corner, strating at the end of row 4 to the end of row 1
    the pattern A starts at the position ( 3,5) and ends in the position (5,2) is the pattern rotated 90 degrees

  2. Megan W | Profile

    (If we coded the columns with letters, and the rows with numbers)
    Pattern A starts at E3, and ends at B5.
    Pattern B starts at J4, and ends at J1.
    Another pattern B starts at E8, and ends at B8.


  3. Tommy | Profile

    Wow, it’s so similar to a word search, but it’s a little bit harder.

  4. RK | Profile

    Foger1979 and S.R. nicely illustrate what Megan W and Suineg describe.

    Thanks for the nice wishes, Megan :) Merry Christmas to you and everyone else! (we’re still working on the comment system- some entries are accidently showing twice)

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