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Floating Cup

Can you figure out how Chris Angel makes the cup float?



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Here’ s another cool illusion to try to figure out: click here to watch ‘medical magic

6 Comments to “Floating Cup”

  1. S.R. | Profile

    Haha, I’ve done this xD

    It’s quite simple, he uses one ofa few methods

    For example
    a) Stick your fingers into the cup, so your fingers are on the inside, then act as if it’s going away by moving, because when you’re moving it’s hard to see the illusion
    b) He put sticky tape on his fingers xD

    I’m pretty sure there are even more ways too

  2. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    He keeps the cup touching his fingers and pushes it towards his audience. You have to keep the cup balanced exactly on its center of gravity and keep your arm-speed constant so that the cup doesn’t dip or flip up. The magician never loses contact with the cup.

  3. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Your medical magic link is not working.

  4. RK | Profile

    however, i’m going to give Shawn’s method a try :)

  5. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    NO, that’s too much of a cheat!!

  6. rmsphoto | Profile

    The reason he tore the cup following the trick, is becasue he had already pinched a hole in the back for his thmub(s) to hold the cup while it “floated”

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