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The original picture?

What does the original photograph portray?

Feel free to enter your answer below; as always, will wait 24-48 hrs before displaying so as to not spoil the fun. Thanks.

15 Comments to “The original picture?”

  1. jason | Guest

    it appears to be the head of a giraffe

  2. Scott | Guest


  3. Carl | Guest

    A giraffe.

  4. Vikram | Guest

    A MONKEY jumping between branches of trees

  5. Jessica | Guest

    is it a giraffe?

  6. Al | Guest


    You say it is a photograph [trees?] and it probably is but I see one of Vincent van Gough’s self-portraits.


  7. rajjo | Guest

    it is the reflection of an animal (a deer) in a lake……

  8. david | Guest

    a red panda

  9. Renzo | Guest

    I´m not quite shure about the situation… but I definitely see a bear.

  10. Sorin | Guest

    a hanging lemur?

  11. Jay | Guest

    Giraffe’s head…

  12. Josh | Guest


  13. Kris Fenton | Guest

    a giraffe and tree

  14. RK | Profile

    It’s a giraffe. Would post the original image, but having some trouble uploading new pictures. Hopefully this will fixed sometime today

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