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Word Rhymes

Below you will find 8 clues. The answer to each of these consists of two words that rhyme with each other. The letter lengths for the words are given in parentheses. For example, if the clue were "Obese Feline (3,3)", the answer would be "FAT CAT".


How many can you figure out? (Click on image to jump to higher resolution)

Puzzle created for Smartkit by Shirley Harshenin.


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11 Comments to “Word Rhymes”

  1. jason | Guest

    is the first one a slant rhyme? i have the rest, and that is the only one that doesnt seem to be exact.

  2. Slavco | Guest

    1. Bored – Lord

  3. RK | Profile

    Hi Jason-I don’t think the 1st one is a slant rhyme, but I may be wrong…

  4. jason | Guest

    ok….I came up with tired sire, but maybe thats not right.

  5. jason | Guest

    nevermind….bored lord would be better

  6. Adam | Guest

    1. bored lord
    2. nurse curse
    3. gopher loafer
    4. smug pug
    5. holy goalie
    6. droll mole
    7. absurd bird
    8. silly lily

  7. RK | Profile

    The answers are as Adam lists them

  8. Kris Fenton | Guest

    1. bored lord
    2. nurse curse
    3. gopher loafer
    4. smug pug
    5. holy goalie
    6. apish fish
    7. absurd bird
    8. silly lily

    Why would our #6 be wrong?

  9. RK | Profile

    Hi Kris- can fish sometimes be insectivores?

  10. Kris Fenton | Guest

    Yes they can sometimes be insectivores. Some catfish can be Insectivores.

    Insectivorous fishes are a type of carnivores, but they are commonly placed in their own category. In Lake Tanganyika, insectivore fish can be seen close to the waters edge where they feed on insects and insect larvae. Some eat only on insects that have fallen into the water, while others are vigorous jumpers and can catch insects far above the surface. Many insect species place their eggs in the water and the larvae will therefore be aquatic; an easy snack for insectivore cichlids.

    what do you think?

  11. RK | Profile

    Wow, wasn’t aware of all that! Thanks!

    apish fish works for me :)

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