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Unique Window

window puzzle

How can a window, having a height equal to its width, be made twice as large without increasing its height or width?

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  1. ian | Guest

    open it up.

  2. suineg | Guest

    ok, here i think is a possible answer:
    Rotate 90 degrees the window so the diagonal is his height.
    the window is a square, you conect the two pairs of non adyacent corners and you have a square with twice of the area:
    now every edge of the square has the size of the diagonals, if the size of an edge in the original square was “A”, the size of the new square will be for phytagoras theorem: (A) sqroot2–> the original area was A*A the new area is the double: 2* A*A
    note: tha windows is gonna be open from his diagonal.

  3. Ari | Guest

    The first window is a rhombus with equal diagonals D.

    Then let’s make a square window with each side the same length as the rhombus’ diagonal D
    (the width and height remain the same between the two windows).

    The area of the first window is ½D^2
    The area of the second window is D^2

    So the area of the second window is twice the area of the first and.

  4. Shawn | Guest

    double-pane window

  5. Shawn | Guest

    OR, if the window has the shape of any acute triangle with a height of 10″ and a base width of 10″, then it would have 1/2 of the area of a 10″ square

  6. Jenny | Guest

    Open the Window up,
    or put a giant magnify glass in front of it…

  7. oscar | Guest

    Double its thickness..

  8. rrrrrr | Guest

    we should put a mirror

  9. Misha | Guest

    The window is a diamond shape initially. When expanded into a rectangle, it keeps its same height and width but doubles its area.

  10. Jay | Guest

    The only guess I have is to make 4 panes into triangles w/ equal heights as the sides and make a “pyramid” out of it. Height and width remains the same but surface area is multiplied by 2….

  11. xena | Guest

    The window started off shaped as a triangle.

  12. Filoso | Guest

    uh? What about increasing the size length wise?

  13. falwan | Guest

    Make the word “window” twice as big.


  14. brian | Guest

    open the windows.

  15. jennifer | Guest

    how should i know?!?!?!?!?!?! :P

  16. scott k | Guest

    i guess u could say open the blinds so each adds half the windows width to each side of the window when viewed from the outside….

    maybe… opening a window that rises straight up makes it twice as thick on that half of the window.

  17. luagirl77 | Guest

    Open the window.

  18. Lady Mercy | Guest

    Shall I hazard a guess?
    Open the window in question.

  19. RK | Profile

    couple of good lateral thinking type answers given above…

    what I had in mind is as Ari describes. I think Shawn & Suineg’s answers are similar in concept too

  20. rmsphoto | Profile

    Easy. Increase the depth. Bow the window either inward or outward, like the windows on custom vans from the ’70’s.

  21. Roshkins | Profile

    how about the windows width = 0? Then Height = 0, so The Width = 2 * Height.

  22. Seirei | Profile

    At this point we have 4 windows each taking up 1/4 of the full space; there are two windows on each door. Opening one of the doors means that there will now be three total windows, two taking up 1/4 of the space, one taking up 1/2 of the space. Therefore, the area of one of the windows has now been doubled.


  23. ponchai nandhayo | Profile

    open the window

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