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Divide the Pentagon’s contents: a printable puzzle

printable divide shape puzzle

Can you divide the picture shown above by drawing 2 straight lines to produce 3 sections, each containing:

  • Three red “X”s
  • Two blue “+”s
  • Two “-“s
  • Two “%”s

If you have a printer, it may be easier to just print this one out. You can also try a similar printable  puzzle posted back in May.

Haven’t done brain health updates in a while; will try to have some up shortly.

submitted answers to show in about 24 hours, thanks

7 Comments to “Divide the Pentagon’s contents: a printable puzzle”

  1. suineg | Guest

    Ok, here i think is one solution:
    1) the botton corner of the left conected to the middle upper corner
    2) the same botton corner conected to the right upper corner
    there are 3 areas with the combinations of elements: 3X ,2 cross, 2 minus, 2 “%”

  2. me | Guest

    I have more
    But those were my first two so I guess I’ll go with them

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