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Lateral Thinking Scenario

A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. Five minutes later, however, they both go out and enjoy a wonderful dinner together.

How can this be?

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  1. coupland | Guest

    She “shoots” a picture of him, then holds it under water to develop it, then hangs it.

  2. suineg | Guest

    Ok, my first approach is this: she is a photographer.
    1) She take a picture of her husband—> shoots him
    2) She revealed the picture in his dark room—> hold him(the picture) under water for 5 min
    3) She hang the picture, the final process of reveleing a picture in a dark room—> hangs her husband for 5 min
    4) then she goes ot with him 5 min later and had dinner with him—> I hoped this time with the real person and not with the picture of him…. too creepy for me(jajajajaja)

  3. Tori | Guest

    They’re playing a computer game! :)

  4. Jordan | Guest

    she took and developed his picture!

  5. Adam | Guest

    She took his picture, developed it, and hung it to dry.

  6. Stephanie | Guest

    She shoots a picture of him with a camera.
    Hold the film under water to develop,
    Then hangs the picture to dry.

  7. BONNIE | Guest

    She is a photographer and took a picture of him.

  8. Kate M | Guest

    She took a photo (shoots), then develops it in solution(drowns) and then ‘hangs’ the photo to dry- that is if the photo is not digital!

  9. Levi | Guest

    She took his picture, developed it manually, hung it and then they went out for dinner

  10. Jenny | Guest

    The woman is a photographer.
    She Shoots her husband with her camera.
    She Holds him underwater for 5 min to expose the film.
    She hangs him – to let the photograph dry.

  11. Joe | Guest

    First she takes a picture of him, then she develops the film, then she frames the picture and hangs it.

  12. Will | Guest

    They are an illusionist act

  13. Ari | Guest

    A woman shoots her husband (takes a picture of him). Then she holds him under water for 5 minutes (part of the darkroom processs). Finally, she hangs him (to dry).

  14. Davidmcd | Guest

    Got this straight away – I think! – she is a photographer with her own darkroom, shoots the picture, holds the photo under water to develop and hangs it up to dry, mais non?

  15. Alex | Guest

    The woman takes a picture of her husband, develops it, and hangs it to dry. They are then able to go out and enjoy dinner together.

  16. scott | Guest

    she shoots him w a camera, soaks the film to develop, hangs it to dry

  17. Milo Zachary | Guest

    That’s a photographer in action!

  18. kuan | Guest

    the scenario actually talks about the photo-shooting of her husband and the development of films before they go out for dinner.

  19. s | Guest

    They’re playing cluedo

    Or CSI PC game

  20. jason | Guest

    she took his picture, and developed it.

  21. Rupert Parson | Guest

    She takes a photo of him (shoots him) then develops the film?

  22. jet | Guest

    The woman took a picture of her husband, then proceeded to develop it in a dark room.

  23. RK | Profile

    The classic answer is shooting/developing a photo; funny how the PC game never occurred to me!

    Will’s answer is something I haven’t seen before either

  24. llpp | Guest

    she was dreaming or she is a cannibal and cooked him

  25. kendogg | Guest

    He had a bullet proof vest on, can hold his breath for ages and was, bizarrely, hung up on a coat hook for a while. They then made up and went out for prime rib.

  26. Greg | Guest

    She “shoots” his shirt with bleach, holds it under water to rinse it and the hangs it to dry. I know it is a little far fetched but like to be original not just repeat the most logical answer.

  27. jennifer | Guest

    she takes a picture of him :D soaks it in water 4 a couple of minutes and then she hangs him 2 dry! sooooooo easy :P

  28. Nerislav | Guest

    either they are very weird people who like to act out strange scenerios constantly, or she is a photographer who took a picture of him and developed it, I actually did not figure the answer out myself, its hard to find cameras of that sort nowadays

  29. Hanlitto | Profile

    well just to be original and creative… i will only explain the last event ( …go out and enjoy a wonderful dinner together…;)
    with one word..”Endocannibalism”.

  30. Minolin | Profile

    She shot him with her camera(took a photograph), developed it (dipping in water), and hung the photo of her husband. She then went out with her real husband!

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