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Short word puzzle: 3 clues

word puzzle 3 clues flower

My first is a lie; my second is a lie; my whole is the emblem of innocence.

What am I?  

(The answer is 1 word consisting of 2 syllables)

16 Comments to “Short word puzzle: 3 clues”

  1. arvin | Guest


    li + ly (both pronounced separately”

    the two “lies” refer to the two syllables phonetically

    lillies are a symbol of innocence

  2. Blue | Guest

    Lily? If you break up the two syllables you’ll have ‘li’ and ‘ly’, both of which sound like the word ‘lie’.

  3. xena | Guest

    A lily? Thx for the picture clue!

  4. jason | Guest


  5. suineg | Guest

    maybe one answer could be virgin, vir + gin, but i am not so sure

  6. Kate M | Guest

    a lily?

  7. Alex | Guest

    A lily-

  8. Karen | Guest

    How about “lily?” Love the gorgeous photo, by the way. (Glad I didn’t find an obnoxious red dot lurking about! Ha!)

  9. david | Guest


    A lie of snow
    A white lie

    Whether snowhite was innocent is another question!

  10. david | Guest


    Snowhite indeed!

    Its a Lily!

    What was I thinking!

  11. RK | Profile

    very good- a Lily :)

  12. seanRhoades | Profile

    The most logical answer seems to be “Lily” due to the hint, but what about “serpent”, In Genesis 3:1 & 4 the first statement out of the serpent’s mouth was a deceitful trick to get the innocent and pure Eve to trust him, the second statement was an outright lie, and because of this Eve believed and ate, losing her innocents. The serpent can be an emblem of innocents, lost.

  13. RK | Founder | Profile

    that’s also an interesting answer, seanRhoades.

    “What we see depends mainly on what we look for” :)

  14. anik | Profile

    “serpent” :)

    I like this answer :D

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