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“What am I?”- short riddle

king riddle what am I

I have no head, and a tail I lack,

But oft have arms, and legs, and a back;

I inhabit the palace, the tavern, the cot-

‘Tis a beggarly residence where I am not.

If a monarch were present (I tell you no fable),

I still should be placed at the head of the table.

What am I?

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23 Comments to ““What am I?”- short riddle”

  1. Filoso | Guest

    A chair, or some sort of chair.

  2. scott k | Guest

    chair. too easy

  3. Jay | Guest

    chair (throne)…

  4. Arun KK | Guest

    A Chair

  5. Nick | Guest

    sounds like a chair

  6. Vikram | Guest

    A Chair (or Armchair)

    No head or tail but has arms and legs.
    Its present everywhere (palace or common house)
    You need to be very poor to not even have a chair at your house
    Whoever is at the head of the table has to sit on a chair

  7. Megan W | Guest

    A chair? :)

  8. Lath | Guest

    A chair!

  9. sara g | Guest

    the letter A

  10. biobot | Guest


  11. John Lewis Highsmith | Guest

    A chair.

  12. Kate M | Guest

    a playing card

  13. Joe | Guest

    A turkey?

  14. Carpenter | Guest

    A throne

  15. Will | Guest

    Am I a chair?

  16. Gorizon | Guest


  17. Jordan | Guest

    wow – either im getting smarter or these are getting easier… a chair! i had this one guessed at about line 3!

  18. Rosey | Guest

    A chair.

  19. BONNIE | Guest

    you are chair!!

  20. RK | Profile

    Yes, a chair/throne : )

    But also a turkey! nice one Joe (readers outside US- yesterday was Thanksgiving, a big holiday where everyone eats turkey)

    Kate M’s playing card makes some sense too

  21. Nerislav | Guest

    obviously a chair

  22. bob123 | Profile

    its a throne (chair)

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