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The Greatest Warrior….

My body’s taper’d fine and neat

I’ve but one eye, yet am complete;

You’d judge me, by my equipage,

The greatest warrior of the age;

For when you have survey’d me round,

Nothing but steel is to be found;

Yet men I ne’er was known to kill,

Though ladies’ blood I often spill.


What Am I? If you can figure it out, post your answer in the comments section below. Will reveal submissions/answers on Wednesday.



38 Comments to “The Greatest Warrior….”

  1. jasc | Profile

    sewing needle

  2. bigbossSNK | Profile

    If you ‘re a lady and don’t want your blood spilled, use a thimble.

  3. Jaynec | Profile

    It’s a needle, of course!

  4. virtualetters | Profile

    A needle

    But I do acknowledge that there are probably men somewhere that sew.

  5. jason | Profile

    a sewing needle

  6. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    A needle.

    Equipage? Really?

  7. carlhazlewood | Profile

    A sewing needle.

  8. Gray-T | Profile

    one eye, must be a pirate, arrr :-)


    For when you have survey’d me round,

    Nothing but steel is to be found;


    a pirate made of steel…?
    iron man?

    Yet men I ne’er was known to kill,

    Though ladies’ blood I often spill.


    without being nasty, definitely a LADYKILLER.


  9. sdu | Profile

    a sewing needle?

  10. Hnossa | Profile

    A needle. Only one eye, but complete. Made of steel. Doesn’t kill, but does spill ladies’ blood.

  11. Trevenen | Profile

    A needle? Love this site. First time comment. ;)

  12. itortruji | Profile

    A needle.

  13. sarag | Profile

    A needle. The “one eye” gave it away. And “Ladie’s blood” made me sure.

  14. perro | Profile

    is it a needle?

  15. Emily | Profile

    Pen is what first came to mind, though it doesn’t really fit with some of the lines.
    Taper’d could mean it gets narrower towards one end, and a pen does that.
    The ‘eye’ of the pen could be where the ink comes out.
    Equipage = ink…?
    The greatest warrior could very well be the pen if by that they mean the power of writing.
    Steel… this one threw me off a bit because there’s more than steel in a pen…
    And the last two lines don’t fit because a pen could be used as a weapon and it doesn’t discriminate between men and women.
    I can’t wait for the answer!

  16. vginstep | Profile

    answer to greatest warrier puzzle: A Needle

  17. Birdieguy | Profile

    A needle

  18. parulyoganand | Profile

    It’s a needle :)
    I hope I am correct

  19. slavco23 | Profile

    A needle.

  20. JMNorse | Profile

    sewing needle?

  21. sdu | Profile

    where’s the answer? :-)

  22. legup2p | Profile

    a little sewing needle …. ouch!!

  23. Shamana | Profile

    Must be a sewing needle. Which reminds me, I need to buy a thimble…ouch!!

  24. RK | Profile

    Very good, a needle is the answer we were looking for

    @Shawn- :lol:
    don’t they say the thin & lean usually have the greatest equipage? :)

    @Gray-T :grin:
    Thanks for making me see the puzzle in a different (red?) light!

  25. RK | Profile

    Welcome aboard, Trevenen. Couple of other new visitors too.

    I know I’ve mentioned this earlier somewhere, but just to keep everyone up to date, we’re planning on expanding the member profile section with new features, and we should be able to activate the forums soon too, thanks

  26. Tommy | Profile

    The only reason it is not a pirate is because of the steel.

  27. Gray-T | Profile

    @ RK:
    maybe it´s more a british or french point of view :-)

    Good old Europe, I belief ;-)

  28. Risu_Chan87 | Profile

    Is it a needle? That seems to fit. Though I don’t quite understand the “Greatest Warrior of the Age” and “judge by equipage”

  29. smokie | Profile

    A needle of course

  30. sunshine1953 | Profile

    a needle, to be sure!

  31. raymoth324 | Profile

    A needle fits, I read that some people don’t understand the “judge by equipage” part.

    Not intending to be nasty of course, but a lot of people are of the opinion that “bigger is better” =)

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