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House with the Green Door

Find the fault, apple tree picture puzzle

Something is not right with this picture. Can you figure it out?

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34 Comments to “House with the Green Door”

  1. Eoin Smith | Guest

    The two fruit at the top of the picture are floating in mid-air.

  2. Mudit | Guest

    I don’t know what kind of fruit is growing on the trees, but shouldn’t the tree have either flowers OR fruit? This is a guess, since I don’t know much about agricultural subjects.

  3. Slavco | Guest

    Peach trees only have flowers when they’re in bloom; when the fruit on the tree is as ripe as in the pictures, flowers are no longer there.

  4. broli | Guest

    flying fruits ;)

  5. Jeff H | Guest

    I could be mistaken, but I don’t believe flowers and fruit can appear at the same time on a tree.

  6. Sven | Guest

    The fruit tree has adult fruit and flowers present at the same time.

    Anyone who has an apple tree in their yard knows that the tree flowers in the spring, and the apples are ready in the fall.

    The flowers and the fruit are never present on the tree together.

  7. Lath | Guest

    The fruit in the foreground seems strange. It doesn’t seem like there should be both blossoms and fruit on the tree at the same time. Also, each fruit has a circular impression at the bottom, which I believe normally comes from the stem.

    There are also structural problems. One blossom seems to only be attached by a leaf to a fruit, and otherwise suspended in mid air. Also, the two fruits on the right have nothing connecting them to the top of the picture (hence, the tree).

  8. Maria | Guest

    The two peaches and blossoms on the right are not connected to the tree.

  9. John Lewis Highsmith | Guest

    The latch-string is not out.

  10. John Lewis Highsmith | Guest

    For an explanation of my prior comment:

  11. Riyad | Guest

    The flowers on the apples or fruit.. shouldn’t be there.

  12. Jay | Guest

    The green door just doesn’t look right with that red roof… Just kidding. Is it because the tree shouldn’t have flowers and ripe fruit @ the same time? Flowers should come out @ the beginning of the cycle and ripe fruit @ the end…

  13. Audrey | Guest

    if I would have to guess, I’d say it was the flowers, cuz there isn’t any flowers on the other trees.
    I could be wrong =P

    (After all I’m just bored sitting in my computer class XD)

  14. wren | Guest

    Fruit and blossoms don’t appear on a tree at the same time.

  15. BONNIE | Guest

    The tree is flowering and also has mature fruit?

  16. Matt Wreggitt | Guest

    There is no door knob, the sky is reversed

  17. scott k | Guest

    the right 2 big berries arent connected to a tree!

  18. seng | Guest

    There shouldn’t be any fruit when there are flowers?

  19. James | Guest

    It looks like the fruit are growing out of the flowers, which isn’t right. The fruit is the swollen base of the flower, look at the bottom of an apple.

  20. Vikram | Guest

    The door does not have a knob or any handle to use to open it. Negates the whole point of a door.

  21. Jack Yam | Guest

    The flowers should not be there. Fruits only come about after the flowers have dropped off. What’s more, the fruits have already grown so much in size.

  22. Jack S | Guest

    The peach is already ripe, yet there are still flowers on the tree.

  23. jason | Guest

    flowers on the leaves(trees)

  24. RK | Profile

    The official answer is:
    – No flying fruit and
    – simultaneous flowers and fruit

    Those who said there’s no door knob may be right too; although John Lewis Highsmith’s answer is interesting…

  25. Syuen | Guest

    The two fruits in front are floating in mid-air.

  26. Abhishek | Guest

    The Shadows . the House shadow is in the behind , where as the shadow of the Trees is in other direction

  27. Brian | Guest

    I agree with abhishek. first thing I noticed was the shadow of the house is protruding away from the viewer and towards the left. However, The trees shadow are more orientated to the left or that it is noon

  28. Nerislav | Guest

    Well, the most obvious thing is that the door is missing a handle, the second obvious thing is that the fruit are not connected to the branch, they seem to be floaitig, as do the flowers. The shadow from the chimney does not coinside with the shadow cast by the house, neither does the shadow from the house exactly match that of the trees.

  29. ItachiXAnko | Profile

    Basically, when a plant becomes a tree and bears fruit, flowers do not appear because flowers don’t grow from tree branches.

  30. mysticalace8 | Profile

    I’m pretty sure that the two fruits that are connected at the top (the fruit that covers part of the other fruit) are connected to blossoms that are not connected to the tree. Flying fruit! Haha.

  31. hoopstergirl3 | Profile

    Flowers and fruit should not be on the same tree!

  32. trixy | Profile

    The fruits are edited and hanging…It doesn’t look like a fruit coming from a tree branch…most likely from a vine.. but don’t mention the fruit..talking ’bout the stems..

  33. bhieko25nadine | Profile

    .the flowers on the apple trees.

  34. cwoods | Profile

    You can occasionally get apple trees with fruit and flowers at the same time

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