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The Red Dot Puzzle

Was going to save this to commemorate Smartkit’s 200th brain teaser/puzzle post, but figured why not show it now?

Red dot puzzle

It’s a small Powerpoint file; you’ll have to download and run on your computer to play, but it’ll be worth it though. Make sure to turn your sound on.

Happy Halloween :)

8 Comments to “The Red Dot Puzzle”

  1. Tori | Guest

    Thanks RK – scared the living **** out of me!! Happy Halloween all!

  2. doug | Guest

    thanks. i needed a new pair of pants anyway…

  3. Jeff H | Guest

    Yeah, that is perfect for Halloween, but not good for weak hearts!

    Petty evil about moving the mutliple red dots too!

  4. Audrey | Guest

    Haha, that was nice.
    It doesn’t work very well though, if you have the scrolly button on the mouse. It was still good though!
    And a happy halloween to you too. :D

  5. Karen | Guest

    Ha! Ha! You really got me. Oh you are soooooo bad!

  6. RK | Profile

    hahaha, it scared me pretty badly too

    maybe it needs a health warning or something :)

  7. me | Guest


    I knew that was coming some how

    Every halloween someone makes a video with that picture haha

    Have you been to the maze one?

    It is

    Or something, and when you watch videos of people’s responses, it is hilarious

  8. me | Guest

    Oh my gosh, I accidentally started it again and I’d turned up my speakers and when you press space bar it moves the slide on

    And I was holding down space

    I almost jumped out of my skin!

    Good one

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