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Baby Duck! – Tangram puzzle

Free Tangram Puzzle: Baby Duck

Here is smartkit’s 1st Tangram puzzle. Tangrams were brought to America from China in the 1800s. The goal is to form a specific shape with 7 smaller pieces called tans. Napoleon supposedly kept his mind sharp with tangram puzzles while a prisoner on the island of St. Helena (ref: wikipedia)

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13 Comments to “Baby Duck! – Tangram puzzle”

  1. Kommander k9 | Guest

    Top = Parralellagram, Small triangle
    Middle = Square, part big triangle, part big triangle, half medium triangle
    Bottom = Small triangle, part big triangle, part big triangle, half medium triangle

    from left to right

  2. jason | Guest

    ha! got it! the body is the two big triangles back to back to make a square…then go from there. i liked that one!

  3. nimrod | Guest

    how can i post the screenshot?

  4. Alex | Guest

    Beak/Head: Rhombus and small rt triangle #1
    (long side of rhombus joined to hypotenuse of triangle)

    Neck/Breast: Square and small rt triangle #2
    (square joined to leg of sm triangle #1 above and
    lower side joined to sm triangle #2 below)
    *hypotenuse of sm triangle #2 facing outward to left

    Body: Two large rt triangles joined at hypotenuse to form a square

    Tail: Medium rt triangle hypotenuse joined to the square formed
    by the two large triangles forming the body

    Hope this makes sense – not impossible- but not easy to sketch with keyboard characters and symbols

    I liked this one – it was fun

  5. Tori | Guest

    cool puzzle. attempt at description:

    we have 2 x large triangles, 1 x medium triangle, 2 x small triangles, 1 small square and 1 parallelogram (?).

    2 large triangles together make a perfect square for the ‘body’. the medium triangle placed on the right of the square with point facing east makes ‘tail’. place the small square on the upper left of the ‘body square’ you just created to make the neck. Place 1 small triangle with point facing NE beneath the small square. Creates the ‘breast’ area. Place the last small triangle to mirror the first above the small square with point facing SE. Lay the Parall. across this triangle with a long edge touching the triangles long edge to make the ‘head’…

    Lol. Phew. Can we have a ‘submit’ button on the pic please next time??!!

  6. Tori | Guest

    Realised I’ve been describing the ‘point’ of the triangle. They have 3! I mean the middle point where the two shortest edges converge. If you know what I mean. ;)

  7. suineg | Guest

    i think there are at least two ways of doing it:
    1) head (small triangle +square), neck(rhombus +small traingle), body( two big triangles making a square), tail(medium triangle)

    2) head( rhombus+ small triangle), neck ( square+small traingle), body ( same as in 1), tail (same as in 1).

    both ways picture the baby duck, however i dont know why only with the first combination(1) the game tells me: figure completed.

  8. RK | Profile

    I’ll try to put up a screen capture of the pieces later on today;

    Suineg- I tried playing with the pieces to make what you describe in #2, but I’m not sure I was able to do it. If you want to send me a screen capture/grab of what you have, I’ll put it up on the site. ( t hanks

  9. RK | Profile

    Here’s a link to the way I solved it:

    I think this is what Tori describes, as well as Suineg’s #1. Jason probably the same, but was this what you meant also, Alex?

  10. Mick M | Guest

    i got 2 ways of doing it also, that sound similar to suineg’s

  11. Alex | Guest

    Actually, yes, the same as Suineg’s #2 – both ways work equally as well

  12. me | Guest

    That was easy =D

    We used to do these at school, it is easier in real life

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