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I go, but never stir…

riddle poem time

A riddle poem:

I go, but never stir,

I count, but never write,

I measure, and divide, and, sir,

You’ll find my measures right.

I run, but never walk,

I strike, but never wound,

I tell you much, but never talk,

In my diurnal round.

What am I? 

18 Comments to “I go, but never stir…”

  1. xena | Guest

    A clock?

  2. Sarah MacDonald | Guest

    Hmm, well i think it is maybe like either the sun, or the years… yes, i think it is the years.

  3. suineg | Guest

    this kind of puzzles are very hard for me, becase i see so many answers, i will put my optionals answers and the explanation for each one:
    1) A calendar: it goes because each year s a new calendar, count the days and the months, divide the years in months, these in weeks, the weeks in days, i found its measures right, the calendar run, because the expression “running days or years or weeks or months”, strike can determine the arrival of a new year and a new calendar indded, i tells me a lot, birthdays, apointments, and a lot more, but if a calendar could talk would be at midnight, like hey its a new day or change of date.
    2) A meteorit: it pass by, but never stir, you can say it count and meausure with the ionization trails, it goes really fast( running), he strke but never wound, and you can see it in the night not in his diurnal round.
    3) the sun: it does not stir, the earth stir, he measures and divide, the hous in the days, the times of the day, he runs in the sense of the expansion of the universe, he tells much in the diurnal round but does not talk

  4. scott k | Guest

    im gonna guess… the sun

    or one of those old adding machine things my dad had where u like move pieces to divide and multiply

  5. Lady Mercy | Guest

    ‘Tis a clock

  6. Jay | Guest


  7. Ed | Guest

    A Clock.

  8. Nicholas | Guest

    A clock

  9. John Lewis Highsmith | Guest

    A clock.

  10. Tori | Guest


  11. jason | Guest

    a clock

  12. Shawn | Guest


  13. Mel | Guest

    Are you a clock?

  14. RK | Profile

    Official Answer: A Clock!

    Interesting how Scott, Sarah, & Suineg all mentioned the Sun, which is a good answer too- although ‘clock’ is more fitting when it comes to ‘ strike but never wound’.

    tomorrow, really hope to have up a very well done Flash Puzzle game that I think most will enjoy

  15. scott k | Guest

    AHHHHH i thought of a clock but then i thought clocks dont divide!

    and the sun strikes rays on the eath, i guess?

    now i see how diurnal round fits in, thats what had me confused in the first place

  16. Audrey | Guest

    haha, at first I thought it was a sun,
    but I guess it is the clock! XD

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