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Mystery Picture, Little Fellow

My wife and I went to a show this weekend, and saw this little fellow.

Can you figure out what it is I took a picture of?

[Hint: That is not an evil gummy bear!]

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4 Comments to “Mystery Picture, Little Fellow”

  1. engjs1960 | Profile

    Looks like part of a flower, maybe an orchid.

  2. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Looks like a bug on a plant, maybe an orchid?
    If so, the red mottling adaptation is very good!

  3. RK | Founder | Profile

    Very good engjs1960 and Shawn!

    Here is a portion of the original pic:

  4. Pikachu_2000 | Profile

    It looks like a guy with a evil loooking stuffed animal strapped to his face

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