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A Very Simple Flash Game: Focus and Concentration needed

Build up your powers of observation with ‘A Very Simple Game’; something light yet fun for the beginning of the week.

What level can you get to? Play A Very Simple Flash Game now!

31 Comments to “A Very Simple Flash Game: Focus and Concentration needed”

  1. Shawn | Guest

    Fun game. It gets tough at black, when the colored dot is not on the screen all the time, and you have to be looking in the right place at the right time. Turning the brightness up on black, and down on the white screen helped.

  2. charity | Guest

    i made it to the black dots…not sure how good that is compared to everyone else but i just woke up and that sure is hurting my eyes trying to stare lol

  3. Ian | Guest

    i got to the last one, white. i couldnt find it even after about 5 minutes.

  4. Evie | Guest

    Took aaages to find the white one … but it’s there!

  5. Slavco | Guest

    Easy! I think it took me longer with the Orange one than with the white one. Screenshot here.

  6. Milo Zachary | Guest

    I got them all; purple was the one that I seemed to have the most trouble with. The black unmistakably caught my eye immediately, then I felt like I had a strategy, although once or twice after that I felt like “what’s the point?” and nearly threw in the towel. I did adjust my screen settings, which may have helped some.

  7. rajjo | Guest

    i cant find the pink dot…where exactly is it????????????

  8. parallax | Guest

    The pink one is in the shadow of the second non-bouncing smiley reflection from the left.

  9. Ian | Guest

    black is behind the middle bouncing guy in the guy’s shadow behind him. just keep clicking in his shadow and youl get it eventually. it shows up when all of the people in the back bounce at the same time. then you get to brown which is in the top left corner switching between the 2 people on the ground. one in the shadow the other on his side.

  10. Amie Krone | Guest

    I completely agree about how the orange one is a lot harder than the white.

  11. Jeff | Guest

    Being somewhat colorblind, it took me a bit to find the pink one especially, I did discover that as the levels got more difficult and the dots smaller, they also moved in a pattern, there is actually more than one place to locate the dot on the black and white screens, not sure if it moved prior to that, but I did complete all the screens using different positions for those two

  12. suineg | Guest

    I liked the congratulations approaching at the end, cool game

  13. Deejam | Guest

    i couldn’t find the orange dot…
    and how many more to go???

  14. Deejam | Guest

    Yahoo!!! I’ve done it..

    The yellow one is in the reflection of the top first non-bouncing smiley from the left.

    thanks Shawn, i tilted the screen to find the white dot

  15. Mark W | Guest

    After finding lots of smudges on my screen, i found them all :)

  16. anand | Guest

    How to include smiley here…
    like in previous comment

    leave ur comments here.. so that everyone will know abt it

  17. bob L. head | Guest

    They should of put the dot in the “o” in “dot” in the top left of the screne. that would of fooled lots of people!

  18. anand | Guest

    some one tell me how to include smiley here.. like MARK W

  19. ian | Guest

    just do : ) except together
    my above one was a test

  20. Matthew | Guest

    wheres on earth is the orange one? >:( its hurting my eyes

  21. S | Guest

    I can’t get past purple

    Maybe I should try in the morning

  22. S | Guest

    Whoops, I can, I posted that and then a second later I got it haha

  23. me | Guest

    Wow, I spotted the black on in no time, it was clicking it that was the problem

    I did it, woooooooooooooooooot

    I found the white one reasonably quickly

  24. Cheating | Guest

    okay if u want and just really cant find a dot u can cheat by using the computers magnifier and then use the invert colors option it makes it so much easier i am using Vista so dont know if the other magnifiers can do the invert colors thing but if they can this is a good way to cheat :)

  25. dappled_dog | Profile

    lol, the ending song sounded familiar, and the sound kinda cut off at the end. :) The last post was from November!

  26. frogqueen99 | Profile

    what the heck are you surposed to do???

  27. RK | Founder | Profile

    not sure the link to the game is working, will fix in a minute. You can play it right here:

    on each level, find the colored dot

  28. SophGirl245 | Profile

    i can’t get past pink!

  29. Reptoman68 | Profile

    Got to the last level, but took me five minutes still couldn’t find it, had to quit

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