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How Can this Be?

BETTY: You say that Mr. Williams is your uncle?

CARTER: Yes, and I am his uncle!

BETTY: Then-let me see- you must be nephew to each other, of course! Funny, isn’t it?

Can you say how this might be, without disregarding the Table of Affinity or breaking marriage law?

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9 Comments to “How Can this Be?”

  1. engjs1960 | Profile

    A married B’s mum after B’s dad died. B married A’s mum after A’s dad died. A and B are each other’s uncle, and therefore each other’s nephew.

  2. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Mr Williams married the sister of Carter´s mom
    Carter married the sister of Mr Williams´s mom

    I think this solution works, cool!

  3. Hendy | Profile

    1) Brother of Parent
    2) Husband of Parent’s sister (brother in-law)

    1) Son of a parent who has a brother (nephew to brother)
    2) Son of a parent who has a sister (doesn’t apply to this puzzle)
    3) Son of a parent who has a brother in-law (nephew to brother in-law)
    4) Son of a parent who has a sister in-law (doesn’t apply to this puzzle)

    Williams and Carter are not related by blood, but…

    Carter is married to Williams’ aunt (A1). Williams is married to Carter’s aunt (A2).

    Williams is uncle to Carter because A1 is his aunt and Williams is her spouse.

    Carter is uncle to Williams because A2 is his aunt and Carter is her spouse.

    Carter is naturally nephew to Williams because of the aforementioned uncle-ness of Williams (in other words, Carter is nephew to A2 by blood relationship and nephew to Williams by in-law relationship).

    Williams is naturally nephew to Carter because of the aforementioned uncle-ness of Carter.

  4. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    2 persons, A and B, each marries the other’s mother, C and D. Each marriage yields a boy, E and F.

    C previous marriage -> A son
    D previous marriage -> B son
    AD married -> E son
    BC married -> F son

    C is mother of both A and F, so A and F are half brothers
    D is mother of both B and E, so B and E are half brothers

    E’s father (A) and F are brothers, and hence E is F’s nephew
    F’s father (B) and E are brothers, and hence F is E’s nephew

  5. Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Easiest explanation I can see is if a man’s grandparents adopt that man’s nephew. The nephew is now brother to one of the man’s parents, therefore an uncle.

  6. dogzer | Profile

    If both dudes marry their moms, then they’re both their uncles & nephews! Not sure what table of affinity is or what are the marriage laws.

    But come to think of it marrying your mom’s probably illegal. So maybe they married a sister of each other’s mom, not being their own mother.

  7. smartkitty | Profile

    your nephew would marry your aunt.

  8. AHD | Profile


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