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Animal beheading

animal word puzzle beheading: riddle

If a well known animal you behead,

Another one you will have instead.

What will you have?

(To understand this word beheading puzzle a little better, see this earlier example.)

Will reveal submitted answers in 1-2 days, thanks

16 Comments to “Animal beheading”

  1. Rupert Parson | Guest

    Plenty of multi-letter “beheadings” will give and answer:
    hedgehog -> hog
    mongoose -> goose
    muskrat -> rat

    But I could only find one 1 letter beheading:


  2. Kevin from Bathurst | Guest


  3. Kevin from Bathurst | Guest

    Fox becomes ox rather

  4. Misha | Guest

    How about a seahorse?

  5. Shawn | Guest



  6. think | Guest

    fox – ox

  7. suineg | Guest

    jajaja this was fun initially i think of woman behead(wo) and man is left jajaja, but i think it has to be of different species, so i think it better and i get this solution:
    panthers–> (behead, take the p)—> anthers

  8. Nicholas | Guest


  9. John Lewis Highsmith | Guest

    fox, ox

  10. Brandon | Guest

    fox – f = ox

  11. jason | Guest

    i’m throwing in the tiger shark, but i feel like there’s another, better answer

  12. Jay | Guest

    Eleph/ant? F/ox? Butter/fly? Hedge/hog???

  13. scott k | Guest

    a redneck!!!!!

  14. RK | Profile

    : )

    couple funny ones here : )

    (need to get those emoticons installed again!)

  15. RK | Profile

    The one letter beheading I had in mind was (f)ox

    1st time I’ve heard of an asp!

  16. Dan | Guest

    Behead fowl, get owl.

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