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Horse Riding Puzzle

The goal of this puzzle game is to position the riders so that it looks like each of them is riding a horse.

Note: Horses may not overlap.

Click on image below to play in flash.

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The above is based on Sam Loyd’s ‘Saddle the Horse’ puzzle of 1871. His version, however, was likely derived from the ‘Dead Dogs Puzzle’ which appeared in an 1849 book The Family Friend.

Interestingly, when P.T. Barnum came across Loyd’s puzzle, he supposedly bought it for $10,000 (a lot of money back then!) and handed it out to the millions of people who visited his circus- making it one of the most popular puzzles of all time.

13 Comments to “Horse Riding Puzzle”

  1. jason | Guest

    well i must admit, that one had me perplexed for quite a bit, but I finally figured it out. Two outstretched horses with riders on them.

  2. suineg | Guest

    jajaja this was cool, its like a mixing soup jaja, here is a possible solution:
    1) the women is facing down in the horse with yellow belt facing down, and the man is in the right facing up, with the horse with the red belt facing up.

  3. Shawn | Guest

    Rotate the horses so that one is upside down and above the other (back-to-back).

    Rotate the riders so that they are sideways (horizontal), then slide them onto the horses so that the head of the horse with the red reins is joined to the hindquarters of the yellow-reined horse by the cowboy, and the head of the horse with yellow reins is ridden by the cowgirl.

    The white midsections are visible between the horses, which appear to be leaping.

  4. doug | Guest

    the only way i can seem to do it is if both riders are riding the horses upsidedown. the textures and shadows between the saddles and horses seem to line up this way, but i am doubting that this is the correct answer…

  5. Lara | Guest

    Rotate top horse twice so that it is upside down, rotate riders once so that they are horizontal, slide riders inbetween two horses and ‘viola’ two riders riding!

  6. Tania | Guest

    Rotate Horse 1 twice, Rotate Riders once, slide over the two horses, it now appears that the riders are riding horses with back legs high in air

  7. charity | Guest

    ok i got it but they are upside down does that count? lol

  8. suineg | Guest

    the real cool thing is that the two original horses are put in different positions and the mixing of the original horses without overlapping form two new horses, this is really lateral thinking magic

  9. suineg | Guest

    the original horses are back to back and facing oposite directions, this is really cool, i did think rotating the pattern would not be considered a solution because of gravitational law

  10. Jay | Guest


  11. RK | Profile

    Deejam posted a nice image of the solution.

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