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Printable Puzzle, Way Hard!

Are there any amongst our regular visitors who can show how this piece of paper may be cut into 4 pieces, each of the same size and shape, and each piece bearing a beast and a palace?

Note: No cut may pass through any part of a beast or palace!

If you can figure this very hard challenge out, feel free to enter your answer into the section below; submissions will automatically be revealed when time is up!

UPDATE: will extend the time on this one because of difficulty level

6 Comments to “Printable Puzzle, Way Hard!”

  1. RK | Founder | Profile

    The official answer I have is the spiral pattern (Amboutwe’s link below shows it, Bizarette18 describes). The approach taken by Bobo, Shawn, & Suineg should also work.
    Here are links to the picture files some of our puzzle masters have sent in-


  2. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    RK, I sent you an email with my solution. I drew it freehand on AutoCAD, so I know it’s not to scale, but I think it will work.

  3. Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I have an idea of how it is to be done. The end result would be four sections that spiral inwards, and the whole image would have four-way rotational symmetry.

    Based on how closely the beasts are placed, it looks like there is little margin for error in where the boundary lines should be placed. I had difficulty with this because the picture doesn’t seem to be precisely a square (width is between 102% and 103% of height), and I haven’t taken the time to rescale the diagram.

    Haven’t given up yet, still think it can be done, just taking a lot more work to test my idea.

  4. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Finally I solved it, I send the pci to RK, however my reasoning was to divided tha square in 64 mini squares, 4 equal shapes of 16 squares and a rectangular spiral does the trick, where the upper left lion is connected with the lower center castle, the upper right castle is connected with the second lowest lion, the third lowest lion is connected with the second lowest castle, and the remaining castle and lion are connected.

    A legend to a better explanation:


    1B,2C,3D,4A are the connections and the figure ( you have to rotate it for each case) is something like this connecting 1 to B, the – represent the figure:


    Cool man!!

  5. bizarette18 | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    If the paper is square you can do it with 4 interlocking spirals, but is it supposed to be rectangular?

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