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Walkthrough for Cave Puzzles a Gift

The very beginning Go down, touch the door to open it. Not all of the platforms with question sign can be jumped over. Well, some of them are.. so go towards exit.
Jumping over lava Mere jumping.
Portals Also very easy, use the black ellipses (portals) to teleport.
Key + Door You gotto put some stones down the vertical crack so that you could go down there avoiding pikes. Take a key and move further to open the door and quit the level.
Air room First find a key to open the door that is on the right. Enter it, take a key and move back to open the door that blocks exit.
Light switch Put a stone on the button so that the light would be ON always. Walk over the pyramid to the right side, there is one block that stands out, it has a slightly different color. Push it into pyramid to open a path, then jump upwards to get into a teleport.
Piston Move a long horizontal stone to block the vertical path, so that you could get the key. (left part of the level).. And push the stone on the right to get the second key. (the right part of the level)
More portals Get into the movable portal and jump inside of it shifting it to the left. Then push it down the mine being outside of it yourself, wait until its down, enter the static portal. When you quit push the movable teleport down the second mine, move back to the static portal and enter it again. Move movable portal to the left, get on it and jump to exit level.
Wind controller You have to push the 2 stones in both of the 2 rooms on the right side of the level into corresponding portals. There is a puzzle on the left. Use buttons to control air stream to get the key out of that area.
Deathly corridor You dexterity nothing more :)
Where is the key?.. :) The key jumps out of the middle lava vessel from time to time.
Small exit The entrance/exit sizes are tied to 2 vases on the level. First of them contains green liquid and is on the left. The second is in the right bottom corner of the level. Move all liquid from 1st to 2nd to exit level.
Passwords Use the direction buttons, set all of them to point to the left and then to the right to open the 2 doors. Assemble the ladybug on the left so that it shows you a tongue which is PINK. (well, my(russian) ladybug :) :) looks this way: red body with black dots all over it, black head, white «eyes» ). Then go to the room on the right and make all of the ladybugs pink. The door opens and you can get to the bottom room and quit level.
Dirt and brush Get to the bottom of the level, use brush to clean yourself, then move back. You can’t exit level if you are dirty. So be careful!
Match3 Pretty simpe: push buttons to open mines.. so that colored rocks enter appropriate mines. The colors should match.
Platforms Get the key. Go upstairs and use portals: right top, right bottom then pure up. Teleport back. Wait for the platform to come. Then place all of the rocks in the specified order and go further to exit level.
Video game room Press the button near level entrance to uncover the game screen. Then set the crosshair over the door and press shoot. :)
Spiral There is a button inside of the spiral, press this button to make spiral rotate and run towards exit. Avoid the killing spikes.
Papa bat Collect the stuff that Papa bat drops on you and put it right into the vase on the right. Fill up the vase so that it breaks and brings the key to you.
Earth quake Get over the hill and jump! Beware of falling lava drops and make sure you don’t block the exit door with all the stuff that falls down on you!
Spiders all around Get down, drink the potion to turn into a lizzard. Eat all of the spiders and bring down a key that lies in the left top corner of the level. Then go down and drink another potion to turn into a man. Collect all of the 2 keys and get back using portals. There is a little secret on the level :)
Killing rock paintings Switch between the killing pictures until you meet the kind hedgehog. Move on. Collect enough fish to open the door. The skeleton fishes reduce you progress.
Cannons Be quick to shoot the 3 buttons in the left part of the level. Use richochet to push the key into a mine with wind in the right part of the level. If it got stock in the mine. Send\shoot more rocks there so that they could push the key further.
Burning issue Get to the top of the level, and be quick – lava is coming from underneath. There is an invisible checkpoint right after spiders, it enables a portal near level entrance.
Exit is here Move rightwards find and drink a potion to get stronger. Move back and push the big stone down. Get inside and drink a potion that would turn you into a bat. Add some droppings over the button so that it could be pressed for some time and fly upwards to exit this room. Then put droppings in all of the magic shelves.. The 2 doors in the ceiling will open. Move to the left part of the level and push the key forward (to the right). Then push the key so that it would in turn push the potion “into-man” downwards. Then fly to the rightmost part of the level and put droppings over a magic vase until it breaks. Get back and dring the to-man potion. Collect the both keys. Move further there is a puzzle where you should create a path for yourself to get upwards. Get a gift and go play the bonus level! You are done!
Bonus level This is arcanoid, the rules are well known. Get all of the keys down and game is over. Await sequels, vote and comment!
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