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A Riddle in Rhyme


I am born on the gale in the stillness of night;

A sentinel’s signal that all is not right.

I am not a swallow, yet skim o’er the wave;

I am not a doctor, yet patients I save;

When the sapling has grown to a flourishing tree

It finds a protector henceforward in me?

17 Comments to “A Riddle in Rhyme”

  1. suineg | Guest

    wow, this puzzle is hard for me, at first i think about oxygen, because protects a tree because is an importan element for the survival of a plant and save patients(including humans) and is not a doctor, you could say skim oer wave and the sentinel could be the ozone layer, but it can also be a cloud because it protects tree, providing nutrients with the rain, and also it can cover the trees from the sun with the shadow, it can save patients( all the microorganisms that live in the earth and needs the cloud to complete their life cycle, evolve and survive, the sentinel sill can be the ozone layer or the acid rain, and if you apply reverse thinking it can also be the sun, it is born in the stillness of the night, without it life would not survive( patients) the waves can be the flames(in reality frecuent internal explotions) the sentinel(harder one) still can be the ozone layer, this is the type of problem where i think there can be many answer, i know i can be far awy from the answer but i give it a try anyway

  2. suineg | Guest

    another possible answer: Hummingbird, a swallow is a type of bird, but the huming bird proctecs the flourishing trees, and the patients would be the flowers because this birds are pollinators.

  3. scott | Guest

    lines 2,3,4 remind me of a lighthouse, but im not sure

  4. gabrielle | Guest

    Air! (?)

  5. RK | Profile

    Hint: What if the ‘sentinel’ is a dog?

  6. Kevin from Bathurst | Guest

    My guess is ‘bark’

  7. Shawn | Guest

    Dogs bark.
    Bark protects trees.
    Some bark has medicinal value.
    Skim o’er the waves?

  8. biobot | Guest

    Okay, so the answer is ‘bark’, but I don’t get the skimming over the water bit…

  9. jason | Guest

    bark of a tree?

  10. Jay | Guest

    Ohhhh, Bark. I was thinking of bark but I didn’t know there were more than 2 definitions of that word…

  11. gabrielle | Guest

    Wow. I was thinking along the same air/oxygen lines as Suineg, with photosynthesis, oxygen tents, whistling winds warning of storms, hurricanes, etc. all figuring into it…


    Bark can skim “o’er the wave” as vehicles (as in bark canoes, which predated the first boats — and bark rafts).

  12. suineg | Guest

    WOW, not even close to that answer ever, BARK is a great answer, but i think that without the hint “sentinel=dog” it has a lot of aproaches, but is cool anyway.

  13. suineg | Guest

    the only line that i think that can go against that answer is “it finds protector hencefoward in me”, like it has to be something different of a tree, not a part of the tree, but is just an interpretation.

  14. RK | Profile

    This one was tough; some very good thoughts though

    ‘official’ answer- Bark

  15. Mel | Guest

    Nightengale? (sp?)

    The nightengale, does sing at night. Does sounds alarms, is not a swallow, is the namesake of a famous character, and maybe protects trees?

  16. me | Guest

    i think it’s either a life boat or a light house cuz they both skim over waves, save lives,……

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