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Magic Links

Magic Links

Magic Links will test and hone your memory skills as well as your ability to ignore distractions. To progress to the advanced levels, you'll have to learn to think quickly so possible solutions [links] can be tested and rejected in an efficient and flexible manner. I hereby issue a challenge to our puzzle-masters and regular visitors to finish level 8! If you can manage this feat, send me a screen shot and will put your name up here!
UPDATE: Well folks, I am speechless. After not seeing anyone finish the game, Rahul and I talked about modifying the difficulty to make levels 6,7,8 easier. He worked on Magic Links for several days, and the new version was going to be put up shortly, when an email comes from Smart-Kit Puzzle Grandmaster Shawn.
He finished it!
only 1 word is coming to my mind right now-
2nd Update: Congrats are in order for Magda! An email from her just came through proving she also finished the game!
3rd Update: While MeetVikas has been stymied by Magic Links, his wife has just completed all levels! [Although to his credit, MeetVikas solved the Hard Level of Untouchable 11 :) ]
Mudcatmike (not registered on the site yet) also just finished Magic Links. He's a 47 year old math teacher with Masters Degree who enjoys Sudoku, Jigsaw Puzzles, collecting baseball cards, and is a big Civil War fan.
4th update: So far, 54, 729 unique game plays. long-time regular- Puzzle Master Suineg!
Alex-a 30 year 0ld number-phobic architect- just finished the game! His dad introduced his mum to the game, and then while visiting for the weekend, Alex got lured in!
Maggie, a college student also recently completed the game.
Mick from NYC,
And finally, in Alex's Dad (see above!) has actually done it!
Update 4/28/2012: out of 54, 729 unique game plays, only a handful of people seem to be able to complete this game. Going to stop adding updates at this point, but if you can finish Magic Links, consider yourself in the 99.98 percentile!

UPDATE 1/2013: OK, wasn't going to add more names, but lots of people are still coming by to play Magic Links, and Zeynep AKSOY from Turkey is 9 years old and has completed the game, as has Mary Rosenfeld- 71 years of age!
UPDATE: 3/2013: Andreea Catargiu has finished the game! Why is this special? Well, she is a sleep deprived mother of 8 month old twin boys! She has played the game between bottles and changing a mountain of diapers a day, running on coffee and 4 hours of sleep a night!
UPDATE 4/2013: Muggins has finished all 8 levels in 29 minutes!
UPDATE 7/2013: Magic Links continues to draw players from around the world! So far 365,604 people have played.
7/30/13: Kirsty Ronquillo is into anything crafty/artsy/musical, just graduated from high school, and just finished Magic Links! She is also the LAST person I'm going to add to this list for awhile...
11/16/2013 4hime and his girlfriend decided to compete a bit, and so far he has solved it but she has not! Cmon gfriend-you can do it! Might want to sharpen your mind at the upcoming Brain Health Review! :)

7 Comments to “Magic Links”

  1. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    This game is extremely hard for me, I only have gotten to level 3, and I was using the hints man!!!, seriously… I will try a lot more, but if the levels become harder I dont think level 8 is a attainable goal.. at least for me, cool!!

  2. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Congrats to Shawn, this game is awesome and very hard, too quicky jaja

  3. bizarette18 | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I enjoy playing this game and some of the other similar games, like Smiley girl, where you don’t have to think, you just spot the match and click, and you can kind of daydream at the same time. But I was wondering if you could make it so either you can choose what level you want to do, or at least skip levels 1-4. So if you have just a few minutes you can just do a fun level without having to do the less fun ones every time. Smiley girl is good in this respect because the first level is the only really easy level, and it only takes about a minute anyway.
    One thing I prefer about Magic Links though is that it doesn’t impose the hints- you can take them or leave them. Smiley girl gives you the hints whether you want them or not, and a “disable hints” option would be good.
    Of course I shouldn’t be playing these games at all- I should be doing something more useful, but…

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