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Moving Star Sequence Question

The seven figures below form a series. However, one of the five numbered squares doesn’t fit.

Can you figure out which one doesn’t belong?

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27 Comments to “Moving Star Sequence Question”

  1. suineg | Guest

    i think one posible solution is: 2. Explanation:
    I see two paterns:
    1)white star moves counterclockwise and appear in the middle of each side of the square
    2)black star moves counterclockwise and appear in the corner that conects the actual side of the square with the next side where the star is going to be.
    then: the white star does not belong in the corner but in the middle of the side, so square with number 2 is wrong.

  2. Kevin from Bathurst | Guest

    It’s 2

    It doesn’t fit the rotate 90 degree pattern.

  3. Bob | Guest

    If every star moves 90 degrees each time we see it (or 45 degrees per square), then number 2 is out of place (45 degrees too far) Should be at the bottom.

  4. Joe | Guest

    2 should be a white star in the 6 o’clock position.

  5. rajjo | Guest

    2 figure does not fit in the series

  6. Lara | Guest

    Is it the third square from the left?

  7. Lara | Guest

    no. 2

  8. raul | Guest

    2 have the wrong position

  9. Nayan Shah | Guest

    The answer is 2. The second one is incorrect. We have to move forward 1 and half steps in each figure.

  10. jason | Guest

    2 doesnt belong, it should be in the middle of the bottom

  11. santhosh | Guest

    Number 2 figure. because white START should not be in corner.

  12. Elizabeth | Guest

    #4 does not belong.

    There are 8 possible star placement possibilities for each figure: the 4 corners and the center of each of the 4 sides. In the figures with the black star, the star moves counter-clockwise 2 places from the previous black star figure. In the figures with the white star, the star moves counter-clockwise 3 places from the previous white star figure. Figure 4 does not fit the pattern, but the last un-numbered figure does.

  13. Kate M | Guest

    #2 doesn’t fit, the only white star in a corner.

  14. Daniel | Guest

    3 does not belong. The white star should be in the bottom center of the square, not the bottom right. The even-numbered steps of the sequence show the white star moving counter-clockwise around the edges of the square, always in the center of the side. The even-numbered steps show the black star moving counter-clockwise around the corners of the square.

  15. Alex | Guest

    The white star of the cube numbered 2 should be mid-bottom for the series to make sense

  16. Shawn | Guest

    #2 does not belong.

    The black asterisks rotate counterclockwise and are found in the corners of the square, while the white stars also rotate counterclockwise but are always located in the middle of a side of the square.

    #2 should show the white star in the middle of the bottom side of the square.

  17. Luijo | Guest

    Number 2 seems not to fit.. All black stars are on corners, all white stars are on sides (except for #2). For the sequence to be correct, #2 should be in the center of the bottom side instead of on its right.

  18. deejam | Guest

    figure 2 doesn’t fit…

    the white star suppose to be in bottom center

  19. Dan Harris | Guest

    #2. Aside from that the White Star only appears in the middle of the square’s side, not the corner.

    More specifically: The White Star is moving around the perimeter of the square counter-clockwise, and appears midway along the side in each picture in the series. The Black Star is doing the same, but in the corners. In frame #2, the white star should be in the middle of the bottom of the square, not the corner.

  20. RK | Profile

    Best answer: 2 (Quite a few good explanations given above)

  21. Yan | Guest

    Number 2? I got it by putting it through a repetitive formation puzzle. And somehow they moved in the counter-clockwise position XD

  22. TopSmart | Profile

    The correct answer is Number 2, the white star should be at the middle of bottomline

  23. Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    Yea 2 should have the * in the 6 O’clock position.

  24. mosi | Profile

    i think the answer is square 2

  25. mosi | Profile

    answer is square 2

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