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Out of Balance

Out of Balance

Teachers looking for a nice logic game geared mainly toward elementary and middle school students will like Smart-Kit's latest release, Out of Balance. Each level asks that you pick the heaviest object based on the relative weights shown on each seesaw. The levels get progressively harder, adding more seesaws as you advance. At the end, the 6-seesaw puzzles may have even the adults scratching their heads!

Overall, a great mass and weight game!

Thanks to Suineg for helping review this game!

3 Comments to “Out of Balance”

  1. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Finished 20 levels – I like this kind of puzzle, for some reason the answer just jumps out at me.

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    […] Finally, check out this fun Smart-Kit game of logic building ability: Out of Balance! […]

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