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Have you ever seen a…

Tree in a Pipe?

Note that this is not a Hidden Object type puzzle. Check this word picture puzzle to see how to solve…

will reveal submitted answers Monday.

11 Comments to “Have you ever seen a…”

  1. Bob | Guest

    You mean have I ever seen an ash? :)

  2. scott | Guest

    uh, redwood?

  3. Jordan Fainstat | Guest

    i believe it is an ASH tree

  4. Rosey | Guest

    Ash, genus Fraxinus, would be one possibility.

  5. jason | Guest

    the ash tree

  6. Shawn | Guest


  7. think | Guest

    I would like more of this type of problem. It’s a way of thinking i have never seen, and I would like to develop it more.

    Does anyone know of a good book or website that contains a bunch of these?


  8. RK | Profile

    Ash & Redwood, both good answers!

  9. Magritte | Guest

    This is not a pipe …

  10. Chan | Guest

    Maybe the ash used to be a leaf the leaf is part of the tree, so there for the leaf in the pipe is the tree in the pipe

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