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Spot the Differences: Balloon Picture

There are 11 differences between these 2 pictures; can you spot them all?

[Click on image below to jump to higher resolution. Once on the high-res. page, if you click on picture you should be able to zoom in on it even further]

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  1. Tania | Guest

    1 Red Balloon above tree higher in the sky
    2 Balloon with face, top changed to green
    3 Purple Balloon pattern changed from right to left
    4 Black base balloon solour of stripes changed
    5 Two small balloons together changed from left one in front to right one infront
    6 Tree on right smaller
    7 Checkered balloon moved to left
    8 Colours of stripes changed on balloon with writing
    9 Tent on ground collours changed from red to blue
    10 Person sitting on ground with white t-shirt moved forward
    11 Tent on left missing

  2. Ian | Guest

    these are mistakes on the bottom square

    1 bristle squares balloon: closer to grey balloon
    2 top right reinbow balloon: colors are on different sides
    3 two small baloons touching: one on right is in front
    4 happy face balloon: hair different color
    5 Tent in bottom middle: colors switched
    6 Bristle squares balloon: colors in different positions
    7 black and colors: colors going different dirrection
    8 red balloon on edge to left: higher up
    9 people in bottom left: moved right a little
    10 Cowlin construction sign: web adress is
    11 tree in bottom right: is taller

  3. Bob | Guest

    1. forground umbrella colors
    2. tree on far right
    3. couple in forgound sitting position
    4. Bristol Balloon stripes
    5. Rainbow balloon stripes (mid left)
    6. Stripe direction on balloon with Green Orange Red Stripes (near top)
    7. hair color of tongue balloon
    8. squares of color balloon position
    9. height of red balloon on left
    10. pair of balloons which is in front
    11. height of URL at the top of the picture?

  4. Anevarp | Guest

    1.colours of BRISTOL BALLOONS
    2.colours of Clown balloon
    3.colour of second small ballon which is to the right of SOMMERFIELD
    4.Exterme right TREE size
    5.colour of the big ballon which is to the left of SOMMERFIELD
    6.distance of the samll ballon inbetween two black ballons name different in COWLIN balloon
    8.changed posture of people extreme left tent is missing
    10.tent colour changed
    11.position of two small ballons i the centre

  5. Danel | Guest

    1. Corolsfull baloon (2nd from right) – colors swopped
    2. Two small baloons (below previous) – one came infront of the other.
    3. Colorfull baloon next to tree – colours swoppwed.
    4. Bristol baloon – line colours are different.
    5. Cowlin Construction –
    6. Tree left from AGFA baloon appeared.
    7. The face baloon’s hair colour changes to green.
    8. The baloon with block is much closer to the blue baloon than in 1st pic.
    9. Tent – the red and blue swops.
    10. A 2nd tent appears in front of the guy closest to the camera.
    11. Two people closest to the camera moves to the right on the 2nd pic.

    This was a hard one, specially with the stuff moving a bit.

  6. Slavco | Guest

    1. Balloons clown hair

    2. Purple, red, orange, green ballon on top right was fliped

    3. Bristol balloon colors are different

    4. Colorful small balloon is closer to blue and gray and black balloon

    5. Colorful and black balloon on the left has different colors

    6. The two small colorful balloons in the middle switched positions (front and back)

    7. Red balloon on the far left is closer to the tree

    8. Tree on the right is taller

    9. The tent at the bottom switched it’s colors

    10. The couple on the bottom left moved

    11. changed to

    12. Due to the movement of the couple on the lef, we no longer see the tent next to them, and we see more of the small twigs on the left.

  7. RK | Profile

    Thanks DeeJam for posting; the ‘solution’ picture I was going to put up is almost exactly the same. The only slight difference is the couple on the bottom left have shifted to cover the tent colors, as Slavco, Danel, Bob, Ian,& Tania describe.

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