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The Bucket Filling Problem

Thanks to Suineg for submitting!

In a line  are 6 buckets, 3 filled (F) and 3 empty (E): FFFEEE.

By moving only one bucket, can you put the buckets in the following order? FEFEFE

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10 Comments to “The Bucket Filling Problem”

  1. Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Lift the second bucket, pour its contents into the fifth bucket, then return the second bucket.

  2. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    1F 2F 3F 4E 5E 6E

    Pour the contents of Bucket 2 into Bucket 5, and replace Bucket 2 in its original position, yielding:

    1F 2E 3F 4E 5F 6E

  3. rkp | Profile

    This is too simple. Take the second full bucket and empty it into the second-to-last bucket. Then put the now-empty bucket back to where it was.

  4. Falwan | Profile

    take 2 and empty it in 5 then bring it back where it was:


  5. Chris Edwards | Profile

    No, I can’t!

  6. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Cool man!, empty the second in the fifth and moving it back to its original position is the correct answer, at least is one of the possibles correct answers, nice!

  7. tcxman | Profile

    empty the second bucket into the fifth one…..easy :-B

  8. clumsyninja | Profile

    just pick up the middle bucket full of water and dump it in the middle empty
    bucket and now put the once full bucket back in its original place.. simple.

  9. jaiswalnilesh | Profile

    fill the water of second bucket in 5th empty bucket so u get the order FEFEFE

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