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Guess the star colors

Try to figure out which 3 stars belong in the colored boxes.


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  1. Paul | Guest

    Azure on azure, magenta on light brown, yellow on yellow

  2. suineg | Guest

    i think the order is from left to right : green, pink,yellow. The logic is this:
    1 star= color square (+1 right)–> green star= green square
    2 star= color square( +2 right) –> pink star = pink square
    3 star= color square(+3 right)–> light brown(color carne) star =light brown square
    4 star= color square( +4 right)–>yellow star = yellow square
    5 star= color square( +5 right)–>green star = green square
    6 star= color square( +6 right)–>pink star = pink square
    7 star= color square( +7 right)–> light brown star = light brown square
    8 star= color square( +8 right)–>yellow star = yellow square

    the assumptions is if you reach the end of the array of squares, the plus right begin in the position 0 of the array of square( the first square in the left) and that the plus right movement are considered starting in the position of the star in consideration.

  3. Joe | Guest

    Green star in the blue box, pink star in the tan box, and yellow star in the yellow box. Number the boxes 1 through 8 starting with the blue. Then for whatever star color you’re looking for, start on the box and count to the right and wrap around if necessary whatever the box’s number is.

  4. Ian | Guest

    i honeltly have no clue because one is repeated.

  5. ken | Guest

    green, pink, yellow (from left to right)

    The color of the star in the first box determines the color of the box that is one box away.
    The color of the star in the second box determines the color of the box that is two boxes away.
    The color of the star in the third box determines the color of the box that is three boxes away.


  6. Deejam | Guest

    1st box – Green Star
    6th box – Pink Star
    8th box – Yellow Star

  7. jason | Guest

    green, pink and orange, in that order from left to right. Awww forget it, i tried like five times to explain it, and i cant seem to simplfy my answer…..

  8. Shawn | Guest

    Looks like the repeating star color pattern is:

    Dark green
    Dark pink

    So we need dark green star in the blue box, dark pink star in the olive box, and yellow star in the yellow box

  9. Andre | Guest

    1st (light blue) box – green star
    6th (brown) box – pink star
    8th (yellow) box – yellow star

  10. Scott k | Guest

    green, pink, yellow, from left to right

  11. Robert L | Guest

    Blue, pink, yellow

  12. GC | Guest

    green, pink, yellow from left (blue)to right (yellow). The star for each colour square takes the colour of the square next to it as much as its count in the series. (eg Green (2) +2 =pink etc)

  13. RK | Profile

    This one was kind of tricky: Green, Pink, Yellow,

    Suineg, Joe, Ken, GC describe the logic

  14. Lara | Guest

    Green star on blue box , pink star on beige box and yellow star on yellow box

  15. libby | Guest

    green -> pink -> yellow

  16. wynnshaz | Profile


  17. Dean | Profile


  18. julonk | Profile


  19. nadia | Profile

    green pink yellow

  20. nadia | Profile

    green pink yellow, starting left

  21. bcrox | Profile

    Filling the empty boxes left to right would be green star, pink star, yellow star

  22. Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Are we sure the yellow box doesn’t already have a yellow star in it? What if the question were “How many boxes are missing their stars in this pattern?”? Would the answer be 2 or 3?

  23. darvz | Profile

    green, pink, yellow,…..

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