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Hidden object puzzles: Help the Minstrel Find His…


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to give everyone a chance to try, will reveal answers in a couple days; thanks.

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16 Comments to “Hidden object puzzles: Help the Minstrel Find His…”

  1. Joe | Guest

    Right above his head, I think.

  2. Mark W | Guest

    I think I see it in the upper left part of the picture. The quarter circle with strings.

  3. suineg | Guest

    I think is exactly above of the man, in the left of the blue mant, rotating clockwise 90 degrees and voila, is an harp

  4. Crash | Guest

    It’s in the semi-arch near top left of image

  5. Rasool | Guest

    The harp is on the top left side of the picture being part of the arch above the door.

  6. bob L. head | Guest

    way too easy. the harp is turned sideways right above his head.

  7. Scott k | Guest

    uhh, it’s either behind the blue curtain, as you can see the bottom left hand corner of the curtain bulging out for some reason… or, its over the doorway behind the minstrel, the arch looks kind of like a sideways harp, and there are lines going left to right that could be strings?

  8. John Lewis Highsmith | Guest

    It appears to be above his head.

  9. Kate M | Guest

    the harp is directly above the minstrels head, lying on its side

  10. Paul | Guest

    My mother tongue is not English, so I don’t know if there is another object that is goes by the same name (harp). If it is something hidden in the image, then i guess that it is the tapestry in the background.

  11. hubble | Guest

    its over his head

  12. Tania | Guest

    The harp is above the mans head

  13. ngdses | Guest

    It is right above him, part of the arch of the doorway.

  14. Oakenempty | Guest

    I believe that it is on its side by the blue curtain…????

  15. RK | Profile

    Yes, the Harp is above the minstrels head, turned on its side.

  16. PJ | Guest

    It’s in the curved lintel above the curtained door.

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