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Old Riddle Poem


We are seven busy brothers

Laboring every day.

Always helping others

In everything they say.

The first in the Amazon doth dwell,

The second in Egypt has a cell,

The third in Ireland makes his home,

The fourth of us resides in Rome,

The fifth and seventh are in you,

The sixth is everywhere in view.


Can you figure this riddle poem out?

16 Comments to “Old Riddle Poem”

  1. Patrick | Guest


  2. jason | Guest

    hmm….i am leaning towards the vowels, in the order af a,e,i,o,u and y being the seventh, but I cannot figure out the sixth. Maybe the ie combination?

  3. Daniel | Guest

    Vowels, although I’m not quite sure why there are seven.

  4. Joe | Guest

    I think it has to do with letters. I think it starts with the vowels, the first being the A in Amazon, then E in Egypt, I in Ireland, and O in Rome. I’m not sure why it says fifth and seventh instead of sixth, but you has U and Y. Then the sixth is everything in view, or the rest of the alphabet, the consonants, that were used in the riddle.

  5. Misha | Guest

    Vowels…if v can sometimes count as a vowel.

  6. suineg | Guest

    the first impression is that is a kind of gramatical structure, i think adverbs or conjunctions at first, then i realized coordinating conjunctions are seven: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so. Anyway thats i wild guess because this line really confused me: the fifth and seven are in you, or are: (in, you) in is an adjetive and you is a pronoun(?????) , other guess is this:
    amazon= ON, or zo=SO
    Egypt has a cell(wow,hard)= YET
    Ireland= AND
    In you= (in, you), or ME or NOR(no other right) and FOR(porpuse is in yourself)
    everywhere in view= EVERYWHERE or V or BUT(doubt is everywhere in view)
    english is not my native language, but is fun to try

  7. Ian | Guest

    i think the sixth is air. i can’t figure out anymore.

  8. John Lewis Highsmith | Guest

    It sounds like the vowels of the English language, but the numbering is something I cannot reconcile.

  9. ngdses | Guest

    Vowels: AEIOU and semivowels Y and W.
    [A]mazon (or Am[a]zon)
    [Y]o[u] (U is the fifth, Y is the seventh)
    Vie[w] (W is considered a vowel by many linguists)

  10. RK | Profile

    As ngdses says, the letter ‘w’ is considered a vowel by some linguists.

    The topic is discussed here on

  11. suineg | Guest

    wow, it passed on my mind that the vowels where involved, but in spanish there are 5 vowels only, and the phrase everywhere in view confused me because: the sixth is everywhere in view–>VIEW w is not everywhere in view, but maybe i did not understand the exact meaning of everywhere in view, thats why i reject my idea of a single letter per phrase, but is cool to know that v and w are vowels in english, still i do not understand the phrase everywhere in view, W is everywhere in view???maybe if it where WWW ??

  12. RK | Profile

    From Wikipedia: "Some languages using the Latin alphabet may use other letters to represent vowel sounds: for example, in Welsh, the letter W stands for [u] or [?], while in Creek the letter V stands for [?]."

  13. Risu_Chan87 | Profile

    The answer is definitely vowels. “A, E, I, O and U and sometimes Y and W” That’s what I was taught in school. It occurred to me right away. The numbering never crossed my mind.

  14. raymoth324 | Profile

    It sounds reasonable for the answer to be vowels, though I am in highschool and I have never even heard of “w” being used as a vowel.

  15. thinkers | Profile

    This riddle focuses on the sounds of the vowels and semi-vowels.
    O-Rome( resides “in” Rome)

    the W and Y are called semi-vowels in phonetics and they are included in this riddle.

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