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Color squares puzzle

Find the missing color(s):


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  1. J Tanedo | Guest

    blue and yellow, going left to right

  2. suineg | Guest

    matrix of squares(row, column), in the postion (4,4) = blue square and in the position (3,6)= red square: maybe there are several explanation, this can be one( i think):
    1) from top row to botton row minus one yellow square: (3,2,1,0)
    2)one green square in each row
    3)two blue squares in each row
    4)from top row to botton row plus one red square: (1,2,3,4)
    this is one logical version, however if you are right brained or a visual spatial learner is ok to just know thats the color order just because feels right

  3. Xetheare | Guest

    Left to right:Blue and Red.
    Simply a matter of symetry.

  4. Jay | Guest

    Blue on the 4th row and red on the 3rd row?

  5. Deejam | Guest

    3rd row, 6th column = Red
    4th row, 4th column = Blue

  6. Manisha | Guest

    in first column from left it will b Blue colour n in other column it will b Red colour

  7. jason | Guest

    top one is red, and the bottom one is blue. they appear to go in rows, where yellow decreases in count from 3 to zero, green stays with 1 every row, blue stays with 2 every row, and red increase from 1 to 4. (top to bottom)

  8. Shawn | Guest

    The box on the left should be BLUE.
    The box on the right should be RED.

    Horizontal Patterns:
    GREEN – 1 block in each row
    YELLOW – DESCENDING DOWNWARD – 3 in top row, 2 in second row, 1 in third row, 0 in bottom row
    BLUE – 2 blocks in each row
    RED – ASCENDING DOWNWARD – 1 in top row, 2 in second row, 3 in third row, 4 in bottom row

  9. Joe | Guest

    The one on the right is red and the one on the bottom row is blue.

  10. ANIRUDDHA | Guest

    4X4 BLUE & 6X3 GREEN

  11. Mudit | Guest

    The box’s color on the 4th column from the left should be Blue.
    The box’s color in the 2nd column from the Right should be Red.

    Explanation (once you have input the colors):

    AAA. If counting down each occurrence in row 1 – 4 (top to bottom), you get:
    3 yellow, 2 yellow, 1 yellow, 0 yellow
    1 red, 2 red, 3 red, 4 red
    2 blue, 2 blue, 2 blue, 2 blue
    1 green, 1 green, 1 green, 1 green

    BBB. If counting the pattern of colors in the columns (left to right)
    The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th columns each have one occurrence of each color
    The 5th and 6th columns have alternating blue and red (checker pattern)
    The 7th column has 2 yellow and 2 red adjacent to each other

    CCC. The colors’ overall occurrence is such:
    10 red, 8 blue, 6 yellow, and 4 green

  12. Rasool | Guest

    red and blue

  13. Riyad | Guest

    Top square should be RED
    Bottom square BLUE

  14. Paul | Guest

    from left to right: blue and red. Don’t ask me why..

  15. ED | Guest

    Bottom Row: Yellow
    Second From Bottom Row: Green

  16. rajni rawat | Guest

    the 2 missing colours r red n blue

  17. Manisha | Guest

    in first column from left it will be Blue colour and in second one, it will b Red colour

  18. Ian | Guest

    red on the right one and blue on the left one

  19. McLee | Guest

    both are yellow

  20. Scott K | Guest

    top right, red
    bottom left, blue

    from top to nbottom, yellow goes 3,2,1, 0 in each row
    blue is 2 in each
    red 1-2-3-4
    green 1 in each

  21. charity | Guest

    the one all the way to the right should be red and the lower one to the left should be blue….and thats my final guess

  22. RK | Profile

    sorry it took so long to put these up;

    The answer is: red for the [?] on the right, blue for the [?] on the left.

    The pattern is as Suineg, Shawn, Mudit, and Scott K describe.

    And Mudit gets the grand prize if we could give one, with BBB & CCC!

    actually, we’re working on a way for you to track your progress, and have a few fun things in the planning…

  23. Lara | Guest

    I think blue and red, doesn’t matter which is which it just increases by two each colour

  24. Kazimierz Sarajewicz | Guest

    the question mark in the third row should be red, as it goes with the pattern of 1 red square in the first row, 2 red squares in the second row and 4 in the fourth. The question mark in the fourth row should be blue, as there are two blue squares in every other rowf

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