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A scaled word puzzle

I am a 5 letter word.

My 2,4,5 dwells in water, but has no scales.

My 2,3,4 comes before a special day.

Read backwards, I am flat and smooth.

Read forward, I am to tear or knock down.

However, forwards and backwards I read the same.

Be frank and honest now, Can you guess me?!

Not sure how to solve, see an earlier example of a similar puzzle.

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9 Comments to “A scaled word puzzle”

  1. RK | Founder | Profile


  2. mysticalace8 | Profile

    e el

  3. John Lewis Highsmith | Profile

    On the level, I flat out can.

  4. Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    It’s LEVEL.

  5. Chris Edwards | Profile


  6. shaks | Profile



    cute puzzle :)

  7. annawert59 | Profile

    Its level! My first answer!

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