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Shaped Matrix Puzzle- Triangles & Circles

Which figure (a), (b), (c), (d) best completes the matrix?

For a similar puzzle, you can try the Happy People matrix question.

In several days, going to put up our first playable brain training game, also with high scores…

36 Comments to “Shaped Matrix Puzzle- Triangles & Circles”

  1. Joe | Guest

    D, I think.

  2. Scott K | Guest


  3. deejam | Guest

    (d) is the answer

  4. Emilie | Guest

    Answer is D. There are 3 figures in the puzzle, and there’s one of each kind in each column and each row. So the missing one’s D. =)

  5. Emilie | Guest

    The 3 kinds of figures I’m referring to are the circles and places of triangles. As for the color of the triangles, there’s a total of 4 whites and 2 blacks for each column and row. =)

  6. CeleraChan | Guest

    it’s D or not?

  7. Tania | Guest


  8. PJ White | Guest


  9. jason | Guest

    i got d

  10. Slavco | Guest


  11. Sven | Guest

    The answer is (d).

    In each row/column there is:
    One set of arrows at 4 and 8 o’clock,
    One set of arrows at 2 and 7 o’clock,
    One set of arrows at 10 and 4 o’clock.

    As the 10 and 4 o’clock arrows are missing from the bottom row and the right column, this narrows the choice down to (c) and (d).

    In each row/column there is:
    One open circle,
    One circle with the top half darkened,
    One circle with the right half darkened.

    As the right half darkened circle is missing from the bottom row and the right column, this identifies (d) as the correct answer.

  12. natalie | Guest


  13. rosey | Guest

    I think it’s “d”. You go diagonally rather than across to get there.

  14. suineg | Guest

    one posiible answer is D, each kind of circle is repeated 3 times, the triangles go in the 2 diagonals and below the circle, and the diagonals keep the colors of the triangles unchallenged in order, in the circle corresponding to the answer is ( black up, white down)

  15. Mark W | Guest


    I’m guessing solely based on the vertical line through the circle, which seems to be the only one that fits. I can’t see what pattern the triangles follow.

  16. jayce | Guest

    it should be D

  17. charity | Guest

    answer c

  18. Lykos | Guest

    The answer is D.

    All three types of circles are patterned right diagonally. Each time the pattern hits the right edge, it begins over again on the left edge (and one down). Horizontal Half/Half circles always have two white triangles and begins in the middle column. Vertical Half/Half (the one we are solving) begins conveniently in the top left corner (first column) and has one black one white. And white begins third, also having one white and one black triangle. The next figure for each type of circle in the pattern shifts down one and over one colomn (diagonally). For each figure, the triangles position themselves accordingly: two on bottom, right diagonal, left diagonal, and repeat. The black triangle for white and vertical circles is always either: bottom left if they’re both on bottom, or it is otherwise the top triangle.

    To finish, we know that the vertical Half/Half will continue down the diagonal (the only one we can see continuously). This eliminates 3 of the answers. Just to unnecessarily make sure, we can assess the triangle position, also. Sure enough, it follows the triangle sequence, too (bottom, black left; right diagonal, black on top; left diagonal, black on top [D]).

    It is important to note during the solving of this problem that while the pattern is consistent among all three types of circles, the three circle types are not synchronized, and are at different stages in the sequence.

  19. R.Yip | Guest

    D is the correct answer

  20. biobot | Guest


  21. RK | Profile

    This one is a bit tricky

    In each row:
    -one figure is unshaded
    -another has its upper part shaded
    -one has its right half shaded

    There are 3 specified positions of the two triangles each of which is used only once in a row. Additionally, in each row, 2 of the figures have one triangle shaded.

  22. Daniel | Guest


  23. charity | Guest

    dang it, it is d.

  24. Yan | Guest

    ‘o’ This pattern. So is this what it meant all this time =.=||| I have a door downstairs with the same pattern arranged in different positions but somewhat similar to this. However, it uses colours. I was always curious about it XD And somehow thanks to that door I found the answer XD

  25. Piggylicious | Profile

    D looks right

  26. santosh j | Profile

    B is the answer
    each row has 4 black parts an 7 white ones,,,,,,,

  27. Peter Grabarchuk | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Very nice puzzle. My answer is D.

    Recently I’ve tried very interesting and quite hard IQ test –

    If you like puzzle tests – you’ll like it too.

  28. Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    My eyes hurt with all the black and white, answer D. I liked this one.

  29. ngothihang | Profile

    i think d

  30. giselzinha | Profile

    I guess the answer is (d).
    Am I right?

  31. bcrox | Profile

    D to me it seems that no same marked circle would appear twice with in the same line or column, a little like sudoku, as well as each line and column has 2 sets of diagonally opposed triangles and 1 with both triangles at the base.

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