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School Bus Puzzle

This is one of Smart-Kit’s more popular items. It was originally titled “You can’t answer this brain teaser, but a preschooler can“, but I had to change the title so it would fit on the front page. Here is the original post:


Which way is the bus below traveling?

To the left or to the right?

Can’t make up your mind?



Look carefully at the picture again.



Still don’t know?



Pre-schoolers all over the United States were shown this picture and asked the same question.



90% of pre-schooler’s gave this answer.




“The bus is traveling to the left”.



When asked, “Why do you think the bus is traveling to the left?”




They answered:


“Because you can’t see the door to get on the bus.”

13 Comments to “School Bus Puzzle”

  1. Samuel | Guest

    Great, like your site doesn’t make me feel dumb enough already LOL

  2. R.Yip | Guest

    Nice one!

  3. D | Guest

    Nice one, the country matters here. People from England or India will say the other way round

  4. kale | Guest

    u make me feel dumb

  5. Ian | Guest

    im still going to school. this makes me feel so stupid.

  6. s | Guest

    Where I live we drive on the left side of the road

    So the bus would be going right haha

  7. Broes | Profile

    The first thing that came to mind was towards me, looking at the grill (don’t know if thats the correct english word :) ) and the two headlights…

  8. Roshkins | Profile

    They never said where the bus was located. And the bus is a palindromic picture, and the kids might load from the back.

  9. Natovr | Profile

    It would be different in the UK for example, since everything here to do with the roads are normally wrong… and maybe also because traffic here travles the other way

    tip for the site manager of smart-kit: the text size of this box people write in is small o.O can’t read it without the zoom tool

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  11. my2livers | Profile

    It’s not moving at all! It’s standing still in the middle of my screen. Good thinking by the kids, but where’s the windshield? I don’t think this bus is going anywhere….

  12. my2livers | Profile

    I see that a lot of us are pretty defensive when faced w/ the possibility that children are more observant than we! haha. Glad I’m not alone. Props 2 the kids! xD

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