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Sad Clown Face Picture Puzzle

UPDATE: here’s a neat challenge from the 2007 Smart-Kit archives!

There are many clown faces in the picture below, but only 3 are sad/frowning.  Can you find them all?

Click on image above to jump to high resolution.

This makes a good printable puzzle for kids if you ask them to find just 2 sad clown faces; most adults however, will have a hard time finding all 3.

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25 Comments to “Sad Clown Face Picture Puzzle”

  1. jason | Guest

    WOW!! that was pretty tough….i had to print it out. the first two are relatively easy to pick out, but the third is actually about the size of the picture, where all the other clown faces are almost completely covering up. Turn the picture counter clock wise one turn, and you can see it behind all the other faces!!

  2. Slavco | Guest

    Well, the first 2 are pretty much right in front of you…I guess there’s no need to point those out.

    Getting the third one was tricky: Turn the picture 90 degrees. You’ll see a BIG sad mouth and 2 big eyes right in the middle of the picture…

  3. Scott K | Guest

    well theres the 2 obvious ones, near te bottom right and top right… and I’m guessing for the third you need to turn it upside down or sideways or something.

  4. RK | Profile

    As Jason, Slavco, & Scott note- the picture must be turned counterclockwise 90 degrees. The 3rd clown is pretty much a duplicate of the other 2, only much larger. It is hidden underneath all the other clown faces.

  5. Justin | Guest

    I turned the picture around when I first looked and couldn’t see anything. Now that I have been told it is there I did it again, and I still can’t see anything. Is this one of those pictures where you need binocular vision to make out 3D or something like that, because I never could see those either. but never mind, i will keep trying.

  6. RK | Profile

    Hi Justin- if you look at the center region of the puzzle, it may be easiest to pick out the eyes (vertically oriented). Once you find these, look down and you may be able to see the big sad mouth…

  7. natalie | Guest

    wow – that’s pretty subtle. i guess it’s just the eyes and the mouth that you can see then?

  8. RK | Profile

    Hi Natalie- are you politely saying we’ve done a lousy job with this puzzle and it’s not reasonably fair? : )

    actually, I was sort of afraid there wasn’t enough of the clown showing when I first posted the picture; kindly take a look at this version and let me know if it’s any better:

    would love to hear what you think too Justin and Scott..too easy? thanks

  9. Heidi | Guest

    I can’t find it. Help me!

  10. natalie | Guest

    Hi RK,

    Just found your comment. No, I’m definitely not saying it’s a lousy puzzle! The new one is easier to see – probably too easy. Maybe for more clarity on the original you could just ask people to find “3 frowning faces”, or “3 frowns” instead of “3 sad clown faces” since the third one doesn’t quite make up a whole clown. Thanks for all the great puzzles!

    :) Natalie

  11. RK | Profile

    Thanks for the feedback, Natalie! This one really gave us a hard time; went back and forth with the artist like 10 times before settling on the image above

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  13. Jenna | Guest

    I work in the education department of Fantastic Sams in Houston and I love it! It took a few times to see them all but it was worth the effort. It teaches our stylist to look beyond what you see when you are creating a hair style for your customer. We are definitely using your site again in class.

  14. RK | Profile

    Thanks for stopping by, Jenna, and so glad to hear you liked this one : )

  15. sarataylor | Profile

    I can see the eyes, but I can’t see the mouth??? Where’s the mouth?

  16. RK | Founder | Profile

    if you look at the left border, roughly in the middle, there is a clown with a big grin. The frowning mouth is to his right- about the width of 2 clown heads

  17. Starrcapricorn | Profile

    can see the mouth but the eyes…just cant see them sigh

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  19. Falwan | Profile

    Lower right hand corner…

  20. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    2007? Wow, can’t believe it was that long ago!

  21. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    One in the lower right corner, one in the second row from top to botton the second from right to left and…. the tricky one: one behind all, rotating 90 degrees the image, and its a really big face man, cool!!

  22. teshg | Profile

    Where’s the third?

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