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More of a Very Simple Game, 2

More of a Very Simple Game, 2

The bouncing smileys are back! In A Very Simple Game, your job was to spot the cleverly hidden dot.

In this brand new sequel of sorts,  you must ply your powers of observation to figure out which bouncing smiley is the odd one out. The levels are a delight to view, and again the accompanying soundtrack goes nicely with the simple yet polished graphics.

I've been bugging Mr. Anand for over 3 years to make this sequel, and had basically given up hope of ever seeing a 'Very Simple Game 2' when just the other day this great surprise popped up in my email box! Hope you enjoy!

4 Comments to “More of a Very Simple Game, 2”

  1. shaks | Profile

    what on earth is the logic to level 6? i’m genuinely stuck

  2. shaks | Profile

    Yay, I finally finished all the levels :)

    Dizzying, but such fun!

  3. DuDo | Profile

    Finally i cracked it ET… love it looking 4 more of these… the Marvin was a good 1… that kept me thinking for a while…

  4. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Finished all levels, cool game.

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