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Smart-Kit is excited to now feature: Interlocked, an amazing collecton of twenty 3D interlocking mechanical block puzzles to take apart!

The puzzles start off easy, and then get progressively more intricate and harder to solve. There are 2 main ways you can interact with the blocks: 1) Using the GLANCE tool, you can rotate the blocks while holding the left mouse button. 2) Using the PULL tool, you can click on a piece of the block and pull it along the desired axis.

To switch between GLANCE and PULL, use the space bar, or simply click the tool icon in the game.

Interlocked's 3d graphics are highly impressive, and the mellow soundtrack that plays in the background will soothe your nerves as you struggle to take apart just that one more block.  Overall, the game does an amazing job at recreating an engaging, playable version of real world mechanical puzzle blocks that's sure to work your visual-spatial brain into shape!

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  1. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    This game is amazing, finished all levels man, cool!!

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