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Old building-What’s wrong with the picture?

Can you find the fault here?


(another one of my old antique puzzle cards)

39 Comments to “Old building-What’s wrong with the picture?”

  1. CC | Guest

    The clock reads 1:00 so the sun shouldn’t be setting (or rising)

  2. nathan | Guest

    The clocks are set wrong 1:00, and the sun is rising or setting.

  3. Brent | Guest

    It’s sunrise (or sunset) and the clock is showing 1:00

  4. Sal | Guest

    Given where the sun is, there should be a shadow from the clock tower on the roof on the right.

  5. Jonathan Pantiesbrough | Guest

    The sun shouldn’t be setting at 1:00/13:00.

  6. Slavco | Guest

    If this is a church (as it appears to be) there should be a cross on top of it, not just a stick….

  7. Jes | Guest

    I assume (and we know the common wisdom about this) that the poster wants us to comment on the position of the sun relative to the time shown on the clock. However, they do not take into account situations such as the white nights of St Petersburg, when the sun rises and falls at nonconventional times, etc.

  8. jason | Guest

    thats an odd time for the sun to be down….

  9. Scott K | Guest

    at 1:00 as the clock indicates, the sun would be either much higher in the sky (afternoon) or already below the skyline (night)

  10. Riyad | Guest

    Too much light on the house, especially with the sun rising BEHIND the house.

  11. deejam | Guest

    The fault in this picture is the building clock shows 1 (pm or am) and the sun is setting

  12. Mark W | Guest

    It’s 1’o’clock and the sun is on the horizon. It should either be high in the sky, or the middle of the night.

  13. Prairie | Guest

    Other than the fact that it appears the clocks are different (I think one says 12:05 and the other one says 1:00), the perspective seems to be off. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It just looks wrong. Of course, it’s probably something really simple and obvious that I’m missing. :-)

  14. arvin | Guest

    the sun is either rising or setting, yet it is 1:00PM

  15. Slavco | Guest

    I found another one: The clock says 1:00 so why is the sun setting at this time?

  16. coupland | Guest

    It’s hard to make out which hand is which, but the clock either reads 1:00 or 12:05 yet the sun is setting/rising in the background.

  17. Dan Harris | Guest

    The sun shouldn’t be setting (or rising) at 1-2 o’clock regardless of whether it’s AM or PM.

  18. Rasool | Guest

    something to do with the Sun and the shadows on the roofs?

  19. Jimmy | Guest

    It’s 1 o’clock but it looks like sunrise

  20. J Tanedo | Guest

    the clock and the sun? whether the clock says 12:05 or 1:00, how can it be sunset/sunrise at noon/the middle of the night

  21. Justin | Guest

    I don’t know whether the sun is rising or sinking in this picture which might have had some bearing to the churches physical orientation as traditionally the alter of a church would face east “towards Jerusalem”. This however is not the problem here. If the sun is either rising or setting how come the church clock reads one o’clock. Do they need to raise a collection for urgent clock repairs?

  22. Alf Andersen | Guest

    Looks like the sun sets but it’s one o clock… it would either be noon or night.

  23. eileen | Guest

    The sun does not rise or set at one o’clock, and that is what the clock says.

  24. Tania | Guest

    The position of the sun and the time on the tower clock

  25. Chris D. | Guest

    The Sun is setting and the Time on the clock is 1:00.

  26. Emilie | Guest

    The time seems to be wrong. The sun is already setting, and the clock says it’s still 1 o’clock. =)

  27. PJ White | Guest

    Sun is setting (or rising) at 1:00.

  28. RK | Profile

    the answer we were looking for: The sun can’t be setting at the time indicated on the clock.

    The white nights of St. Petersburg sound interesting though!

  29. Rene | Guest

    There is no shadow for the angle the sun is at and the clock tower is set at the wrong time for the setting or rising sun.

  30. DoomBringer | Guest

    the tree trunk is too thin for its height as well as the clock/sun error

  31. Heavy | Guest

    The wrong thing is that the clock is showing the wrong time or has stopped

  32. Angelo | Guest

    If this is supposed to be a church, it’s supposed to have a bell tower not a clock tower.

  33. Veena | Guest

    Dunno if it’s also elswhere, but in czech republic, they taught us that church entrances were always built facing west and this one is facing south (assuming it’s sunset not sunrise) :)

  34. sri | Guest

    The clock shows 1:00 so it should not be a sunset

  35. Danel | Guest

    The tower is incomplete. It needs a crow.

  36. Nerislav | Guest

    the sun is setting, yet the clock says either 1:00 or 12:05 which makes no sense, also if the sun is setting behind the building, what exactly is illuminating that side of the building, also when ever do you see the sky turn that collor???

  37. notovitz | Profile

    The sun and time are not necessarily an issue. Where is this church located? If in northern iceland, antacrica or the North pole, sun rises and sets sometimes once each season. It could be 1 PM just before summer starts or winter ends.

  38. JunzJeahnz | Profile

    14 hours

  39. ZV | Profile

    It’s too early for a sunset so the clock on the tower is off by a few hours.

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