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Short Safari Word Puzzle

What animal am I?





My first is said to lead a busy life,




My last some men have done to get a wife





b= verb

a+b=an animal


15 Comments to “Short Safari Word Puzzle”

  1. Danno | Guest

    Ant + Elope = antelope

  2. jason | Guest

    mother goose!! hopefully i wont have to go into detail!! (lol-j/k)

  3. Andrew Schaffer | Guest


  4. darian | Guest

    nurse shark!

  5. Sleazy Snake | Guest


  6. Scott K | Guest

    wait wait wait… its not actually mother goose is it?

  7. RK | Profile

    Hi Scott- don’t worry, the official answer will be a little cleaner : )

  8. Tania | Guest


  9. adi | Guest


  10. Shawn | Guest


    ANT – busy life
    ELOPE – way to get a wife

  11. Dan Harris | Guest

    Oh, that’s it… I’ve always heard the term “busy as a bee,” so I was trying to figure out something that began with the letter “b” and ended in a verb. Needless to say, I was just confusing myself.

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    […] short safari word puzzle […]

  13. PJ White | Guest

    antelope, but my first reaction was anteater.

  14. khan hidayat | Guest


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