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SMART-KIT Cryptograms

SMART-KIT Cryptograms

NOTE: The newest cryptogram added will be 'Random Puzzle 1 of 5'. Since the game shows puzzles randomly, click the 'new puzzles' button at the bottom to navigate to 'Random Puzzle 1 of 5' if you've played all our previous cryptograms and wish to just play the latest addition.

A cryptogram is a type of puzzle in which you must decrypt the text presented. Instead of the actual letters being placed where they are supposed to be, substitution letters are used to create the challenge.

This online version of the puzzle displays the cipher unfolding so you won't need to write anything down. Hints are also available when you need help!

General Approach:

To get started, try to find the one or two letter words that contain 'I', 'A', or 'O'. Double letters and apostrophes can also offer clues, as well as trying to find words that begin with 'TH" [The, then, that, they, there, etc...]

Additionally, if a letter appears several times in a cryptogram, it is likely to be one of the most frequently used letters in English: ETAOIN SHRDL.

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4 Comments to “SMART-KIT Cryptograms”

  1. cheddarmelt | Profile

    Fun! But it seems that there’s always at least one typo in these, and this set is no exception!

  2. RK | Founder | Profile

    Hi there Cheddarmelt!
    went through the quotes, and I found ‘beginning’ was misspelled, and fixed it. Do you remember any others?


  3. cheddarmelt | Profile

    I think that was the only one in this set.

  4. RK | Founder | Profile

    Ok, thanks!

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