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Rough waters : Solve the equation…

What do you think the original photograph portrays?

To give everyone a chance to try, will reveal submitted answers (in comment section below) in 1-2 days, thanks.

17 Comments to “Rough waters : Solve the equation…”

  1. Joe | Guest

    They might be chess pieces.

  2. Mark W | Guest

    3 chess pieces on a chess board. the right black piece is a pawn. the left and middle pieces look to be the same type (king?). i can’t see what their arrangement on the board is.

  3. Emilie | Guest

    I think it’s something like water coming out of a faucet? At least that’s what the right side looks like.. =)

  4. Emilie | Guest

    OOPS!! Chess pieces on a black and white chessboard!!!!! =)
    The left piece is the queen, the middle one is the King, and the one to the right is the pawn.

  5. doug | Guest

    checkmate! pawned.

    ….unless thats the queen, in which case, checkmate will soon follow…

  6. jason | Guest

    well, it looks to me like chess pieces, and more specifically, one black pawn and queen, and one tan possible king. for a checkmate?

  7. shane | Guest

    I believe its a picture of a chess board beginning from left to right with a black bishop, a white queen and a black pawn.

  8. jason | Guest

    actually, i think there are multiple pieces in there, they are just overlapping in the line of sight

  9. John | Guest


  10. Ian | Guest

    I was always horrible at these things. I would guess it is two chess pieces on a chess board and the white/tan one is a horse. I don’t know what the big black chess piece is or the small one.

  11. charity | Guest

    they are chess pieces on a chess board

  12. biobot | Guest

    Is it a chessboard?
    (Still doesn’t help solve the equation.)

  13. jason | Guest

    Guess I need to stop thinking to much!! My first answer was right!

  14. Sven | Guest

    How does the equation fit into the solution?

  15. Ian | Guest

    if you look at the origonal (i think that is how you spell it) picture, the white is in check mate.

  16. RK | Profile

    Hi Sven-the ‘?’ represents the original image (not shown). When you apply the ‘W’ type distortion to it, the above image results.

    not sure this answers your question…

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