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Bird’s eye view: Can you spot all 12 differences?

For this picture puzzle, there are 12 differences: Can you spot them all?

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To give others a chance to answer, how about each person post 1 difference?

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11 Comments to “Bird’s eye view: Can you spot all 12 differences?”

  1. jason | Guest

    first two cars in the line are switched

  2. Kip | Guest

    on the vertical street the red car turns blue

  3. John Lewis Highsmith | Guest

    One car, on the right side of the “up/down” street, has a different color.

  4. Shawn | Guest

    The silver car driving toward the right is a bit further along in the first picture than in the second.

  5. Mark W | Guest

    I just can’t find that twelfth thing!

    1 second person missing from street corner (bottom)
    2 orange tube thing is reversed (center)
    3 box added on the rooftop (bottom left)
    4 apartment window front changed (top left)
    5 apartments removed from end of the building
    6 third floor added to street corner shop
    7 skylight added (bottom right)
    8 red car changed to blue (top center)
    9 third turquoise pillar added (right)
    10 car driving in the street is moved left
    11 first two cars along the street are switched
    12 ?

  6. Emilie | Guest

    The green posts. The picture on top has 2 posts on the building on the upper right, while the picture below has 3.

  7. Kate M | Guest

    top pic-3 pieces of machinery on the roof lower left and 4 pieces bottom pic.

  8. Dusty | Guest

    bilding in 2nd picture has 4 skylights to three in the 1st picture.

  9. RK | Profile

    Hi Mark- good job, you actually got them all

    the photoshop expert who made the puzzle for us counted the car color switch (horizontal street) as 2 changes, when it should probably be classified as 1. sorry about that

  10. Ian | Guest

    all of these are mistakes on the bottom
    1 extra machine on roof
    2 missing person
    3 missing room in building in the top left
    4 a place over a garden on a building
    5 yellow thing facing a different direction
    6 extra skylight
    7 silver car is in a different possision
    8 extra story on a building
    9 car is blue instead of red
    10 grey and red cars switched colors
    11 extra green pole on building
    12 can’t find

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